Thursday, May 24Exploring The Black Presence In The Bible

Month: January 2016

Rethinking The Bible – Part 1 (Show Notes)

Rethinking The Bible – Part 1 (Show Notes)

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Play The Above Audio To Hear The Show Intro Subscribe and Share Today’s Topic: Rethinking The Bible: How Culture Shapes Our Perception of Scripture - Part 1 Overview Cultural upbringing plays a key role in our understanding and perception of scripture. Objections To Teaching About Ethnicity Head in the sand types want to act like it isn’t actually happening. Race doesn’t matter or “I don’t see race.” We’re all one race. The fact is that our perception of race and ethnicity play an important role in both religion and politics. Republican Stereotype: Rich, fat, racist white men. Democrat Stereotype: Black people (gun show story). Libertarians: Hippies The way the news is repor

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