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Month: March 2017

Ishmael: Abraham’s Half Egyptian Son With Hagar

Ishmael: Abraham’s Half Egyptian Son With Hagar

Blurred Lines
We are use to hearing the story of Abraham and Isaac, but we often forget about Abraham's oldest son Ishmael. Throughout the Bible, the Ishmaelites (Ishmeelites) play an important role in many of the events that take place. Let's start by takingĀ  a look at the circumstances surrounding the birth of Ishmael. Different People Named Ishmael In Scripture In order to keep everything in context, we must first acknowledge that there are several different people named Ishmael in scripture, but two stand out over the others: Ishmael: son of Abraham (Genesis 28:9) Ishmael: son of Nethaniah (2 Kings 25:23) For the sake of this study, we'll only be looking into the son of Abraham. Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar Abraham spent the majority of his time traveling to and from Hami

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