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Month: June 2017

Zipporah: The Midianite Wife of Moses

Zipporah: The Midianite Wife of Moses

The Shemites, Women In Scripture
Zipporah was one of seven Midianite sisters that mistook Moses for an Egyptian after he saved them from the men at the well (Exodus 2:16-19). Her father Jethro was the priest of Midian, and it was he that gave Zipporah to Moses to marry. While she is introduced early in Exodus, very little is said about her. In fact, she's only mentioned three times in scripture. Zipporah: meaning bird or little bird. The First Wife of Moses What isn't immediately obvious in scripture is that Moses had two wives and Zipporah was the first. This is actually a topic that is debated often, but scripture is clear that Moses married two different women from two different lineages. We can prove that by tracing their lineages in scripture. Zipporah was a descendant of Abraham's son...

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