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Month: December 2017

Finding Edom: Who Are The Edomites Today? – Part 2

Finding Edom: Who Are The Edomites Today? – Part 2

Blurred Lines
In Part 1 we looked at the fact that Esau is described as reddish-brown (ruddy) and hairy. We also looked at the fact that he took wives from the line of Ishmael, which were a mix of Hebrew and Egyptian, and known to be dark skinned people. At least up to this point in scripture, we have to acknowledge that Edomites were black people. But the main issue is whether or not Edom became white and if some white people alive today are descendants of Edom. To further explore this journey, let's look at the interactions between Hebrews and Edom according to scripture. Post Exodus Hebrew-Edomite Relations Immediately after Israel gained their freedom from Egypt, their brother Edom turned their back on them and refused to allow them to safely pass through their country. One of the ...

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