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All Black – My Newest Site, A Pimp, and Brief Homelessness

How did I go from being homeless to people asking me for financial advice? It’s a funny story because I was actually homeless for a little less than a week. The funny part is that homelessness seems to be a common theme among many successful people. Until somewhat recently, I’d never used the word “homeless” to refer to my situation in early 2008, but myself and my ex wife were evicted and had to sleep in my truck for a few days. Then in late 2008 I went to jail. I spent Christmas in County Jail and New Years in City Jail. 2008 was not a great year for me, but it was the year that would change my life.

A Pimp Changed My Perspective

“You’re smart as hell. Why aren’t you rich?” is the question that he asked me in 2014, and for some reason I became obsessed with the question. I’d known him since he was a kid (he’s younger than me), and nobody saw that coming from him (not even him). I was less concerned about being “rich” than trying to figure out why I didn’t have any money. Two years before I became homeless, I made $250,000 and had NOTHING to show for it at the end of the year except “stuff”.

  • I didn’t have any savings.
  • I didn’t have any investments.

I owned 2 condos and my truck, but bought all three before I made the $250,000. I later sold both condos in the same year, and yet still ended up homeless in 2008. So as with questions I receive about the Bible, I started digging into financial literacy. I wanted to understand what money was, how it was made, and how it can be used as a tool to get more done. The more I learned, the better my financial situation became.

I Rarely Had A Job

The locals that have grown up with me or have known me for a long time know that I’ve never been the guy to maintain a job for longer than a year. Working a job just isn’t in me long term. Even in high school I quit my job at Jack In The Box because I made more money on the side. I watched adults hate their jobs, including my teachers, and it just seemed counterproductive to enjoying life.

  • I understood that I needed income.
  • I understood that money talks.
  • I didn’t understand how to get it consistently and LEGALLY outside of a job.

If you really wanna know more about key points in my life, CLICK HERE. I’m not 100% done with my about page, but I share a lot that I’ve never shared in public before.

Financial Education Changed My Life

Building on my personal experiences with finance, both good and bad, I decided to really financially educate myself. However, the way my mind works, everything took off super fast… faster than my close friends and family expected.

  • It took me years to build sustainable income at $1,000 per month.
  • It took me one year to go from $1,000 to $2,000 per month.
  • It took me six months to go from $2,000 to $3,000 per month.
  • It took me three months to go from $3,000 to $4,000 per month.
  • It took me 60 days to pass $4,000 per month.
  • On average I add a consistent $150 – $200 to my monthly income… every month.

I’m talking about LEGAL sustainable income apart from a full time job. It’s honestly not as hard as many people think, but there is a learning curve that most people simply won’t get beyond because their mind just doesn’t work the way it needs to.

When It All Clicked For Me

I talk about finance and help people, but I’ve never been “secure” with the amount of money I’ve had because of my homeless situation. I made $250k and still ended up homeless 2 years later, so it’s about how much money I keep and not what I make. I don’t have $250k sitting around, so I refuse to relax until I do. When my financial situation clicked for me was somewhat recently. I’ve had the same 2000 Ford Expedition since 2005, but in August it blew a spark plug, which damaged something in the engine. My choices were:

  1. Get a bus pass.
  2. Uber or Lyft everywhere.
  3. Pay $3,200 to fix my truck.
  4. Buy another vehicle.

After careful consideration, I opted for #3 and #4. I don’t wanna trade in my truck, so I went to the dealership, gave them $500 and left with a car. It took a few hours to go through the process, but I left the lot with it. I have a car loan and car payments, so don’t think it was one of those sketchy car lots selling $500 cars. I bought a 2013 Chevy Impala because I refuse to pay $20,00+ for a vehicle. I plan to add a touch screen system, remote start, 360 camera system, etc. later. The next phase is to fix my truck.

  • I needed a new vehicle and I had the money to get one.
  • I needed to register the vehicle and I had the money to do it.
  • I needed to pay insurance on two vehicles and I had the money to do it.

That’s when it all clicked for me. I had added almost $600 to my monthly expenses… and it didn’t phase me one bit. I didn’t even give it a second thought as to whether or not I could pay it. I didn’t move around any finances or anything else. Shortly after that my laptop just wouldn’t turn on… so I bought another. My first thought in both situations was, “I’ll just get more money.” And that’s what I want to show every one of you how to do, so you can free yourselves from “the struggle”. It’s real but doesn’t have to be permanent.

The Lamest Excuses For Not Doing Anything
  1. I don’t have time to wait for money. (unless you plan to be dead, you have time to wait)
  2. It takes money to make money. (not online)
  3. I don’t know how to… (you know how to use Google and YouTube for everything else though)
  4. I wasn’t raised to… (you probably weren’t raised to go to the club without saving a dime for your kids either)
  5. I don’t have a computer. (but you have on $300 shoes and a $1,000 phone so you can find the money if you want it bad enough)

For those that are ready to stop making excuses and get your finances right, All Black is for black people specifically. I’m not trying to help everyone, but they are more than welcome to join us. The articles and everything else will be INTENTIONALLY created to relate to black people and stuff that effects our community.

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