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Black Hebrew Awakening Audio Book Now Available

Amazon refuses to approve the sale of the audio version of The Black Hebrew Awakening, so we’re bringing it to you 100% independent. Written by myself (Dante Fortson) and narrated by Doug Rice. The audio version is available for immediate download at the following link.

Must be a “BHITB Audio Book” patron.

Quick Instructions

If you do not want to remain a monthly Patron at the required tier level to get the audio book, simply delete or modify your pledge amount AFTER you download the files.

More Audio Books Coming

Myself and Doug Rice will be creating and uploading more audio books for those that choose to stay at the new tier. The next books coming are:

Kindle Only Books Coming To Audio

Because we will not be putting out books through Audible, some of the shorter Kindle studies will also be converted to audio and added to the new tier level.

More Black History In The Bible

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