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New Black Fiction Section – Open To Black Fiction Writers

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If you didn’t know that I dabble in fiction writing (short stories, novellas, etc.), now you know. I’m currently working on a series of short stories for Eniggma Jackson: The Last Black Superhero and Forbidden Secrets of The Watchers. But wait… there’s more.

Silent Screamers: Origins

If you haven’t read the Silent Screamers series, you’re missing out on an epic story line with a surprise ending.

Silent Screamers: Origins focuses on angels, demons, nephilim, and the supernatural realm. It’s set in a time before mankind was created and explores the events leading to the rise and fall of Helel… the sworn enemy of The Most High.

Free for all Red Pill and All Access Patrons.

Short stories and books will be available on Amazon for all non Patrons.

Open Invitation To Black Fiction Writers

Once again… I’m opening the BHITB platform up to any writers that would like to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your talent. If you write fiction or have a fiction book and would like to have a short story or excerpt from your fiction book published, feel free to register by clicking the button below.

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