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News & Current Events – Writers Wanted

If you’re interested in writing, a News & Current Events section is coming soon to BHITB as part of the outreach rollout. Back when I was teaching weekly Bible study at a local church, I took it upon myself to start presenting News & Current events, and what they may mean in light of Bible prophecy and our community in general. People loved it because it allowed us to fellowship on a personal level, voice comments, concerns, and insights before study began.

  • If you’re a writer, make sure you read the bottom of this post because there are other sections coming soon that might catch your attention.

Would you be interested in writing for Black History In The

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If You’re Interested In Writing For The New Section

  • Articles should be based around weather, politics, international news, technology, etc. in relation to Bible prophecy.
  • Please do not submit articles about celebrities, sports, or any other topic that doesn’t tie into the Bible in some way.
    • No celebrity Illuminati accusation submissions please.

This opportunity is open to anyone at anytime, however, not all submissions will be published on the site.

General Guidelines
  • Look at the BHITB website and format your titles the same.
  • Break up long blocks of text into shorter paragraphs and/or bullet points.
  • Include images and video whenever possible.
Before You Submit An Article

Make sure you register an account on the BHITB website, and then contact me to let me know you want to write. I’ll upgrade your account to have writer privileges.

If you’re a Patron you can login with your Patreon account.

Other Sections Under Consideration

The following sections are still under consideration and may not be added to the site. If you’re interested in writing for any of the following sections please let me know by taking the poll after this section.

  • Community & Culture: Events, accomplishments, and other stuff important to our community, written from our perspective. Incorporating scripture is strongly encourages, but not automatically required.
    • Interviews (written and video) with community leaders, organizers, activists, etc. are welcome.
  • Politics & Policy: This section IS NOT for endorsing or attacking politicians, but addressing political policies and laws, and how they affect our community.
  • Black Business: This section will highlight business owners of faith and color, highlight their journey, and how their belief has played a role in where they are today.

Sections may be renamed or dropped altogether. Please choose the best answer:

How do you feel about writing for the proposed new sections?

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  • Did you know that the apostle Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian?
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