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"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." - Hosea 4:6

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Introducing Shadow Conference. The most secretive and outside of the box online fringe Christian conference in existence. We fearlessly take on the topics even the most fringe researchers are scared to touch. The theme for this conference is centered around Alien and UFO Disclosure.

We’re going beyond the same old Christian UFO topics and skipping straight to the hardcore stuff. There is no doubt in the minds of many that fallen angels have been toying with mankind by posing as the various gods of mythology in the past, and are now posing as extraterrestrials in modern times. But what is their end game? Are human women being specially selected for abduction, rape, and impregnation as it was in the days of Noah? Are nephilim being genetically altered to look like regular humans? Is Ancient Aliens preparing the world to worship Satan and the rest of the fallen as our creators?

  • 1 Conference
  • 3 Nights
  • 5 Speakers

Date: September 28th – 30th

Time: 4pm PST – 7pm PST

Early Bird Registration

Registration is $19.99 (regular $49.99) and can be paid via Bitcoin. If you have never used Bitcoin before, you can buy Bitcoin at Please email me for more information or alternative payment methods.

Bitcoin Instructions

  1. Go to the Buys page.
  2. Enter the amount in BTC or your local currency that you wish to buy.
  3. Select the wallet you wish to have your funds deposited into.
  4. Select your desired payment method.
  5. Confirm the order is correct and click Buy Bitcoin.

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In the coming weeks, speakers and specific topics will be revealed, so make sure you don’t miss any of the coming updates. You won’t be disappointed that you did. Put your email address in the box below and please don’t forget to click the confirmation link in your email.

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