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Sneak Peeks and An All New Section

A few weeks ago I gave Patrons a sneak peek at the Law vs. Grace study. The feedback they gave and the questions they asked were extremely helpful, and led me to make the study even stronger than it would’ve been otherwise. Because it was so helpful, I’ve decided to double down and do something no other ministry is doing:

  • You’ll be able to see which studies are coming soon.
  • You’ll be able to read all drafts (edits, additions, deletions, etc.) before the final version is published for public viewing.
  • You’ll be able to ask questions and suggest resources (verses, links, etc.) to make the study stronger before the final version is published.

The new “Patron Exclusives” section will be located on the bottom of the home page and will be accessible by Patrons only. If you’re a Patron, you’ll be able to log into the page with your Patreon login info. If you’re not a Patron, it’s only $1 (one buck) to get access to the Patron Exclusives section. There’s also a downloadable welcome package with a book and other printable files. All yours when you become a Patron.

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