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The Awakening Study Bible – Special Invitation

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." - Hosea 4:6

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I’m working on something big… and by big I mean potentially paradigm shifting when it comes to the way we study the Bible. For years I’ve tossed the around the idea of putting together the best study Bible ever. The main problems are the limitations of paper and the time cost of software that only works on PC, but not smartphones, tablets, or Macs. Now that I’ve solved that problem, here’s some info about the project

The Awakening Study Bible Introduction

The Awakening Study Bible (TASB) is the world’s first community created study Bible. Built using the WordPress platform, The Awakening Study Bible (TASB) is a free online study Bible that incorporates social media, audio, video, articles, real time conversations, and the latest research, into the King James Bible. Our goal is to provide an enhanced and immersive experience to your Bible study time.

  • No apps to download.
  • No software to install.
  • No money to spend.

A Few Cool Facts About TASB

  • Fast: Because TASB is web based, we can add new resources faster and more often than any of the Bible study software on the market. Let’s see $5,000 Bible study software do that.
  • Flexible: TASB works on any device with an internet connection and it’ll adjust to fit your device (we’re adaptive like that). Smart phone users can access every feature with just one finger.
  • Simple: All the navigation on Bible sites can be a bit overwhelming and confusing, so we got rid of all that.  We use collapsing text (look below the traditional introduction above) to keep everything out of the way until you need it. When you’re done, just close it down again and continue reading.
  • Social: Share individual chapters on social media, start or join conversations at the bottom of each chapter, or just drop by our community forum. What other study Bible lets you have real time conversation with other people reading the same exact chapter in the same exact study Bible as you, from anywhere in the world?
  • Transparent: TASB is contributed to by everyday people and all of those contribution discussions are on the community forums. No super secret creepy panels picking and choosing what we get to know. No other Bible in the world let’s the community pick which study notes go in it.

Beta Test Invitation

I’m looking for 25 – 50 people that want to Beta test and help with the project, which means everyone else will have to wait a few more weeks before it goes public. There are a few requirements Beta testers have to meet:

  • Must be able to participate on the forum.
  • Must be able to suggest good references for the study Bible.
  • Must be able to keep a secret for 2-4 weeks.

If you can do all of the above and want to participate, feel free to leave a comment on this page, send an email, or reach out to me on Facebook.

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