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The Awakening Study Bible – The First of It’s Kind

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." - Hosea 4:6

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A while back I announced The Awakening Study Bible project and since then I’ve been working on a bunch of boring admin stuff, but phase one is finished and TASB is ready to take the next step. If you’ve ever wanted to help create a study Bible, online community, or Bible commentary, then TASB is what you’ve been waiting for.

Your Help Is Wanted and Needed

If you’re ready to help create the very first study Bible of it’s kind, you can finally sign up to add notes to your favorite chapters and verses in The Awakening Study Bible. The submission process has been made super simple, and we’re looking for information on all kinds of subjects:

  • Angels, demons, and spiritual warfare.
  • Culture, genealogies, and ethnicity.
  • Maps and Geography.
  • Topical Studies (Days of Noah, Nephilim, etc.)
  • more…

TASB is set up to be a game changer in the study Bible industry. It’s cheaper (free), lighter (digital), less secretive (community created), and always up to date. If you want to be part of this first of it’s kind project, click the link below and become a Builder:

This won’t be your grandparents’ study Bible. While this certainly won’t be a free for all featuring all sorts of doctrine, we do plan to touch on areas that most other study Bibles refuse to touch in depth (sons of God, heroes of old, UFOs, incubus, succubus, transhumanism, and much more). The Awakening Study Bible will become the official study Bible of those that no longer want to stay asleep.

A Community Centered Study Bible

The Awakening Study Bible is about much more than scripture. It’s about community and fellowship. Many features are still in the works, but some of the community features have already been added:

  • Anyone can sign up and create a profile.
  • Anyone can submit notes to be included in TASB.
  • You can send friend requests to people you want to keep in touch with.

Features Coming Soon

  • Community Forums
  • Private Messaging
  • Member Reviews

Do You Want A Print Copy?

Well we’ve got you covered. At the top of every chapter is a “Print Friendly” button that allows you to print out the entire chapter with the notes. You can also make the following changes before printing:

  • Edit and delete any text you don’t want to print.
  • Remove any pictures or maps you don’t want to print.
  • Print or delete any additional notes you don’t want to print.

The printing feature does not print the sidebar or advertisements at the top of the page.

This Is Just The First Step

Opening the site to new Builders is just the first step in turning Bible reading and study into a community experience. If you want to be a part of this journey from beginning to end, make sure you go sign up and start submitting.

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