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Write For BHITB – Get Started Now

After lots of thought and prayer, the BHITB website is officially open as a platform to give black writers, videographers, teachers, researchers etc. more of an opportunity to have their voice heard within our growing community of Truth Seekers. As the site grows, so will the amount of exposure each contributor will have. Sign up now to get started.

  • Aspiring Black Writers
  • Professional Black Writers
  • Black Bloggers
  • Black YouTube / Video Creators
  • Black Researchers / Teachers

Why Am I Sharing My Platform?

It’s not really my platform… it belongs to The Most High. Over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to meet quite a few good aspiring writers, bloggers, and teachers, some of whom were on the verge of giving up because they couldn’t get enough people to read or share their work. Those days are over.

Some Things Will Stay The Same

  • All potential writers will be held to the same standard of writing as the posts that already appear on the site.
  • Nobody will be allowed to post doctrine contrary to the doctrine found on this site.
  • All doctrine will require Bible verses to back it or it won’t be published.
  • No European revisionist history will be posted on this site.
  • All submissions will have to be personally approved by me before they’ll appear on the site.
  • Truth and spiritual education will remain the main focus of all sites on The Awakening Network.

If you’d like to write for BHITB or Minister here’s your chance to have your work (and name) put in front of thousands of people every month. If you’re ready to get started just click the blue button. If you’d like more information please keep reading below.

What’s In It For You?

  1. Easy to use WordPress publishing platform with a built in subscriber base of thousands.
  2. Free promotion of your work across BHITB and all sites that syndicate its content.
  3. Free writer’s guide and coaching to help take your writing to the next level.
  4. Work at your own pace and submit as many or as few articles as you like.
  5. Get Paid $$$ (details in the writer’s area).

What’s In It For BHITB?

  1. BHITB gets to post more great content for our readers to enjoy.
  2. BHITB gets to broaden our reach online through promotion of your articles.
  3. BHITB gets to be the go-to platform for black writers to expand their audience.

Writer Requirements

  1. All submissions must be original and may NOT be published on any other websites or blogs if accepted.
  2. Must be a confirmed subscriber to the BHITB mailing list.
  3. Must have a clear statement of faith on your website / blog or link to the statement of faith found here on the BHITB website (website and blog owners only).
  4. No previously published articles or experience required.

What BHITB Is Looking For

  1. Current events with a Biblical perspective.
  2. Historical observations from a Biblical perspective.
  3. Words of Encouragement (poetry, spiritual advice, inspirational stories, etc.)
  4. Positive stories of influential people and organizations (doesn’t have to be famous).
  5. Black economic empowerment.
  6. General black education.
  7. Maps, Journal Entries, Video, Audio, etc. evidence proving our history as Hebrews.

New Sections Under Consideration (Taking Submissions)

  1. Personal stories of what led to your awakening.
  2. Book Reviews (Bible History, Black History, Religious Fiction)
  3. TV, Documentary, and Movie Reviews
  4. Articles focused on issues important to black men.
  5. Articles focused on issues important to black women.

Prohibited Submissions

  1. Submissions that teach Black Hebrew Israelite (BHI) Camp doctrine.
  2. Submissions that teach Eurocentric Christian doctrine.
  3. Submissions that teach Muslim doctrine.
  4. European revisionist history.
  5. Press releases.
  6. Previously published content.
  7. Celebrity / non celebrity gossip.
  8. Hate speech.
  9. Kickstarter / Fundraisers / Investements

The Fine Print

By submitting content for publication you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You are not an employee of the BHITB website or any websites owned and operated by Dante Fortson.
  • You do not speak for or officially represent the BHITB website or any websites owned and operated by Dante Fortson.
  • Submitted content may not be published on other sites after it is published on the BHITB website (this rule does not apply for rejected submissions).
  • All writing, unless otherwise specified (quotes, citations, etc.), is your own original writing and has not been plagiarized from another writer.
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