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Black Pastor Embraces White Supremacy and Turns on The Black Community (The Cult of Eric Mason)

Pastor Eric Mason, lead pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA has made it clear where his alliances are… and they aren’t with the black community. In a panel streamed live on YouTube on 3/19/2020 Mason and several guests unleashed an attack on black people that seemed like something out of the Twilight Zone.

Although the panel features several black guests, the one that stands out the most is Vocab Malone; a notorious Sicilian racist with a reputation of spreading lies about black people and creating racist content for his predominately white Christian audience. One such example is what Malone referred to as a “slavery parody”, which he personally wrote and asked a black man to sing for him as he laughed in amusement.

If Mason’s congregation was waiting for the self described “pro black activist” and author of “Woke Church” to confront Malone’s racist antics on behalf of black people everywhere, they’ll find no such rebuke. Not only did Mason not call out any of Malone’s racist exploits, the black panelists, including Mason then engaged in a two and a half hour session of bashing black people.

The icing on the cake came when not only was Mason reduced to looking like a stereotypical house negro and whipping boy by Malone; Mason outright condemned entire groups of black people to hell for simply looking into their history and believing the results. This is the complete opposite of what he seems to believe about white Christians that are looking into their own history and celebrating the results.

Eric Mason has made it clear that catering to a white supremacist is instrumental in building his brand, which involves projects that are eerie reminders of Umar Johnson’s fraud scheme, in which he (Umar Johnson) accepted donations to open a school for black boys that never materialized. The black community is out millions of dollars with nothing to show for it, and it seems that Eric Mason is set on following Johnson’s path of fleecing the black community, while offering a pass to Vocab Malone, even in light of being informed of Malone’s racist history.

Vocab Malone uses a fried chicken emoji to describe his day with his black “friend”.

One of Malone’s most popular videos among white Christians is one in which he dresses like Muhammad (to intentionally offend those of the Muslim faith), and ends the video by killing two unsuspecting black men, one of which is wearing handcuffs. It has been pointed out that if he’d dressed like Hitler and killed white Jews, the response from the white Christian church would’ve been drastically different. Malone’s “Christian” ideology is reminiscent to that of the Inquisition, during which white Christians began to sacrifice Jews to God to appease his wrath.

Most recently Malone started a new series on his YouTube channel in which he teaches his spin on black history, and shares how well behaved black Christians carried themselves during slavery. A move that many describe as “utterly offensive” and representative of white supremacy moreso than the gospel of Christ. Mason himself seems to embody some of these antiquated stereotypes of the “well behaved negro” at times during the broadcast by allowing Malone to viciously attack anyone he wants unchallenged… especially black people.

Its a sad day when a black pastor turns on his own and embraces a white supremacist in order to help build his brand on the backs and hard earned dollars of his congregation and supporters. This new alliance seems to be a complete 180 from the author (Mason) that subtitled his book “An Urgent Call For Christians In America To Confront Racism and Injustice”; something he himself fails to do when presented with the perfect opportunity. Mason’s new Pseudo Church is looking more like a cult in disguise than a place for people to find and worship Christ… especially people of color.

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One Comment

  • Imani Ife

    Wow, I didn’t know Minister Eric Mason is a Philadelphian & also has a church here. I am a Philadelphia resident & have been so since 1977; & while I don’t know ALL church folk here, I’ve never heard of Brotha Mason nor his church! I’ve heard about about this video, but no one shared the link. I thank you Brotha Dante for providing this video for inspection. I am a messianic Hebrew Israelite & value the work that you are doing & am grateful that you are representing our messianic Israelite community. I do hope, however, that we/you will soon be able to forego the seemingly unproductive & ever increasing contentious back & forth with certain members of the self described Christian Urban Apologist community. Once again Brotha Dante thank you for raising your voice as a messianic Hebrew Israelite apologist. I pray that everyone interested in this age old division between the historic & original keepers of the Gospel, ( the Hebrew Israelites who as the Bible states in John 4:22 … Salvation is of the JEWS”, & as Roman 1:16 that …”For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of Elohim unto salvation to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first, & also to the Greek” ) & the gentile converts who were grafted in by Father Yah under the auspices of our Messiah Yahushua ( just as messianic Hebrews are ). To dear Pastor Eric Mason & the folk on the panel, there is NO such animal or thing as Hebrew Israelism! I’ve never been affiliated with any camp or know a great deal about their doctrines. I’ve been a member of a Baptist & a Presbyterian assembly at different times in my life & worship with other Christian denominations! I have never been sold out to ANY denomination because I am actually a follower of The Way & a disciple of Yahushua HaMashiach; & NOT a believer in “traditions of man”!

    As for the review of this video, my assessment is that much of what I heard was a lot of personal opinions & not much facts. Oh well, everyone is allowed their opinions even if they sound as loud as a jackasses braying out at a hurricane. So sad for what they are trying to pass off in this video as an unbiased academic discussion among
    intellectually “honest”, no-ax-to-grind concerned Christian defenders of Faith. I really learned next to nothing of value from listening to this verbal masterbatory excercise.

    Okay, thank you again Botha Dante please continue with sharing your well documented research as it is sorely needed in these times of growing deep delusion.

    Sista Imani Ife

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