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Go Ask Your Pastor | Episodes 4 – 10

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Historical documents tell us that the black Jews in Spain and Portugal were deported to West Africa just before the start of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Unfortunately, many “Christians” are unwilling to share these historical facts because they are dedicated to protecting the white lies they’ve heavily invested in for most of their lives.

Arthur Koesler isn’t the only writer to talk about the conversion of the Ashkenazi Jews in the 8th century. It is well documented that they are not the people of the book, but the mainstream Christian church has largely ignored all evidence to the contrary in favor of accepting a lie.

1766 Duke of Orleans Map

Did you know that at one point people couldn’t distinguish between Jews and Nubians? Today we’re going to look at another source that says Israelites were black.

Today’s evidence was published in 1851 and points out the differences between Spanish Jew and German Jews, as well as Arabs, South American Natives, and Africans.

A racist false narrative being put forth is that black people that claim to be Israel are putting culture over Christ… but does that also apply to white people that believe Israel is black? Today’s evidence comes from a white Christian by the name of Rev. Claudius Buchanan. He was a European Christian that wrote about black Jews in Cochin, India. He even went as far as calling black Jews the “ancient” and original Jews.

Today’s evidence comes from a French source that proves Nefernitty and Damon Richardson were lying about the origin of the name “Juda” found on old maps of the west coast of Africa. This source dates back to 1890.

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  • Did you know that one of the apostles was named Niger, which means "black skin"?
  • Did you know that the apostle Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian?
  • Did you know that the Bible describes Christ's skin color as "burned bronze"?