Monday, June 18Exploring The Black Presence In The Bible

Rethinking The Bible – Part 1 (Show Notes)

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  • Cultural upbringing plays a key role in our understanding and perception of scripture.

Objections To Teaching About Ethnicity

  • Head in the sand types want to act like it isn’t actually happening.
  • Race doesn’t matter or “I don’t see race.”
  • We’re all one race.
  • The fact is that our perception of race and ethnicity play an important role in both religion and politics.
    • Republican Stereotype: Rich, fat, racist white men.
    • Democrat Stereotype: Black people (gun show story).
    • Libertarians: Hippies
  • The way the news is reported subconsciously shapes our thinking as well.
    • Fox News
    • CNN
    • MSNBCBlack Riots vs. White Riots


  • More importantly it plays a key role in how we subconsciously interpret scripture.
  • PERSONAL STORY: Adding a black character to Silent Screamers cover.
    • Some people do not want people of color depicted as heroes or good guys.

  • SEGWAY EXAMPLE: When X-Men: Days of Future Past revealed pictures of Bishop, people were mad that a black person was cast. Bishop was black in the comic books.

Bishop X-Men


To be continued…


Pre-Slavery Christianity

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More Black History In The Bible


  • dave

    I don’t have any exceptions to teachings on ethnicity but we are actually one race or rather one color …different shades of one color. Melanin is what makes skin color and the more you have the darker you are..less = lighter. Also in your studies on race in the bible have you come across any of the tribes or people in Israel being white? Or was everyone darker brown/black? Certainly you can see how white folks reading your articles might feel alienated. Fact is fact..and if it’s true that ancient Israelites were all dark then we have to accept truth..but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the tribes were represented by all shades.

    • Black History In The Bible

      Good question. If we honestly look at the Bible, in context, along side history, we see the Hebrews mixing with Africans, but I haven’t found any examples of them mixing with Europeans.

      If whites feel alienated, there’s nothing I can do about reality. It’s not about alienation, because I believe that EVERYONE can be saved, regardless of race. However, God chose out a people to call his own. I believe that white people have tried to force themselves into that history, because many can’t handle a black nation being chosen over a white nation.

      The only reference I can find to white skin in the Bible, are cases of leprosy. In every other case, Hebrews are referenced as having dark skin or being mistaken for Egyptians, who were dark skinned before being conquered by the Greeks and Romans. 70 people went into Africa, and over 1,000,000 came out. At what point would they have become lighter, when they were living among dark people, and were described as dark themselves?

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