Rethinking The Bible – Part 1 (Show Notes)

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  • Cultural upbringing plays a key role in our understanding and perception of scripture.

Objections To Teaching About Ethnicity

  • Head in the sand types want to act like it isn’t actually happening.
  • Race doesn’t matter or “I don’t see race.”
  • We’re all one race.
  • The fact is that our perception of race and ethnicity play an important role in both religion and politics.
    • Republican Stereotype: Rich, fat, racist white men.
    • Democrat Stereotype: Black people (gun show story).
    • Libertarians: Hippies
  • The way the news is reported subconsciously shapes our thinking as well.
    • Fox News
    • CNN
    • MSNBCBlack Riots vs. White Riots


  • More importantly it plays a key role in how we subconsciously interpret scripture. 
  • PERSONAL STORY: Adding a black character to Silent Screamers cover.
    • Some people do not want people of color depicted as heroes or good guys.

  • SEGWAY EXAMPLE: When X-Men: Days of Future Past revealed pictures of Bishop, people were mad that a black person was cast. Bishop was black in the comic books.

Bishop X-Men


  • The Curse of Cain (Black Skin) – Genesis 4:15
  • The 8th Day Creation (White Adam) – Genesis 2:7
  • The Curse of Ham (Black Skin) – Genesis 9:22-26
    • Christian Identity
    • British Israelism

To be continued…


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