Wednesday, October 21"And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not."

Riding With Eric Mason | James White, Jeff Durbin, Vocab Malone & Other Racist Christians

James White, Jeff Durbin, Vocab Malone and other racist white Christians hate when they are called out for turning a blind eye to racism. While I may have my beef with Eric Mason and his cult… I agree with Pastor Kelly Richardson. We can’t sit back and watch these white racist evangelical pastors publicly lynch one of our people. Ride with me or don’t… this is happening.

Credit: Tyler Shields (video art)

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  • Did you know that one of the apostles was named Niger, which means "black skin"?
  • Did you know that the apostle Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian?
  • Did you know that the Bible describes Christ's skin color as "burned bronze"?