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The BHITB Podcast (005) – Analog Churches In The Digital Age

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There is no doubt that the church has been slow to adapt to the internet age, but what can they do to fix it? In this episode I address quite a few questions I’ve had about starting an online ministry and how traditional churches can branch out into online ministry.

Show Notes

 My Background
  • I grew up in church (grandfather and uncle were deacons)
  • I’ve been licensed and ordained since 2009.
  • I’ve been involved in online ministry since 2009.
  • I’ve helped found a local church.
  • I served on the board of directors.
  • I wrote for a Christian newspaper.
    • They had a strong local presence but a weak online presence.
    • They didn’t want to rock the boat with anything controversial.

 What Is An Analog Church?

  • An analog church is a traditional church.
  • When we think of a church we think of a building, pews, a podium and a preacher.
  • We think of tithes, offering, and in a lot of black churches, a building fund.

Online Ministries Aren’t Taken As Serious

  • Online ministries usually aren’t taken as seriously as brick and mortar ministries.
  • The traditional church makes online outreach a secondary agenda… and sometimes it’s not on the agenda at all.
    • Digital ministry should be part of the outreach agenda.

The Advantages of Analog Ministry

  • A regular place to fellowship.
    • Church service
    • Events
Countries In Gray Were Not Reached By BHITB

The Advantages of A Digital Ministry

  • The reason Hollywood Video and Blockbuster went out of business is because they refused to adapt fast enough when Netflix came around.
    • Podcasts are replacing pulpits.
    • YouTube sermons get watched more than sermons on TV.
    • Websites allow believers to study any day and any time of the week.
    • Outreach is faster, cheaper, and instant (social media).

How Can An Analog Ministry Survive In The Digital Age?

  • Start a social media outreach team.
  • Optimize the church website for local results.
  • Post sermons on YouTube.
  • Interact with the congregation more.
  • Start a podcast.
  • Put sermons online.

Show Closing

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