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The BHITB Podcast (006) – The Law vs. Grace – TEOTW Ministries

TEOTW Ministries joins me to discuss the law vs. grace, and the implications of getting it wrong. This has been my favorite episode so far, so make sure you check it out.

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  1. Why is it important to know if we’re under the law or grace?
  2. Can you explain the difference between the law and grace?
  3. Why do camp teachers ignore every verse that says we are no longer under the law?
    1. Romans 6:14
  5. James – Coat example
  6. Hebrews 11
  7. As the days of Noah were(Matthew 24:37) – Noah found grace (Genesis 6:8)
  8. How do they obtain salvation if they can’t keep the law?
  9. Christ came for the lost sheep of Israel: Matthew chapters 10 & 15
  10. Christ offers salvation to the whole world: Matthew chapters 22 & 28

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  • Tava Patton

    Blessings! Your teachings are line by line, precept by precept, a little and a little there, thorough and precise with biblical scripture. I was lead by the Holy Spirit to your website and it’s Meat and confirmation of my own personal studies. I am greatful to The Most High and thank you for your obedience. Amen

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