Tuesday, September 29"And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not."

The BHITB Podcast (015) – The Miseducation of The Black Church

Today’s show touches on some important issues within the black community. Our perception of ourselves, religion, community, and history all play a part in how we’re viewed by the rest of the world. The Black church plays a vital role in why many of our people don’t know the truth about who we are and why we’re in the condition we’re in.

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“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” – Hosea 4:6

The Slave Mentality Still Lingers
  • During slavery black people were forced to learn the European interpretation of the Bible.
  • Slaves weren’t allowed to read the Bible for themselves or they would be beat or even killed.
  • Slaves that were allowed to teach the Bible could only teach what the slave master allowed and only under close supervision.
Today’s Black Churches
  • Put strong spiritual faith in pastors that attend European seminaries.
  • Most seminaries teach a Eurocentric Christian view (white Hebrews and white Christ).
  • Black pastors further perpetuate Eurocentric Christian doctrine to the black community.
  • This has led to an outright rejection of the faith by many of our Hebrew brothers and sisters.
    • Europeans are masters at false perceptions:
      • Columbus discovering America
      • White Egyptians
      • Popeye’s Chicken
Black Empowerment
  • Black Empowerment comes with having an established national identity.
    • Europeans stole that identity during slavery (language, religion, names, families)
    • There’s nothing more empowering that knowing the truth about the Bible.
      • Our ancestors were Hebrews.
      • The Bible was written for, by, and about our ancestors.
      • The Bible says our ancestors were chosen above all people on the earth.
We Need To Recognize Our True Enemy
  • Satan doesn’t try to erase the narrative, but attempts to change the narrative to achieve his desired result.
  • The tactic of the enemy is to deal in opposites.
    • God told Eve she’d die, but Satan told her she wouldn’t.
    • The Bible says Hebrews are black, so the enemy wants the world to believe they’re white.
    • The Bible says the Hebrews were chosen, so the enemy wants the world to believe we were rejected.
    • The Bible says we were cursed for correction out of love, but the enemy wants the world to believe our black skin is a curse based on some past evil.
    • The Bible says Hebrews will rule in the coming kingdom, but the enemy wants the world to believe that we’re nothing more than slaves.
    • The Bible teaches Hebrew supremacy, but the enemy wants the world to believe in white supremacy.
    • The Bible teaches that Gentiles will be ruling the earth when Christ returns, but the enemy wants us to believe that those ruling now are God’s chosen people (British-Israelism).
    • The Bible and history teach that our ancestors fled from Israel into Africa to escape invading Europeans, but the enemy wants us to believe that we come from Africa because we were taken from Africa.

Our true enemy isn’t white people… its false doctrine and lack of knowledge (it’s the one two punch of deception).

  • Europeans have been used by Satan to push false doctrine into the black community specifically and into the world in general.
    • Columbus discovered America
    • Ashkenazi are Hebrews with rights to the land of Israel
    • America is the land of the free.
    • America is a Christian nation.
  • The black church has been used to push the false narrative that we need to vote Democrat.
    • KKK (Southern Strategy)
    • Welfare (keeping poor people poor)
    • Abortion (Negro Project)
    • The Crime Bill (mass incarceration)
  • The camps are being used to push false doctrine to the newly awakened.
    • Hatred for Esau
    • Hebrew only salvation.
  • The black consciousness movement
    • The black woman is god
    • Christianity is the white man’s religion
  • The Jewish run music industry is being used by the enemy to tarnish our image.
    • Pimps and Hoes
    • Drug dealing
    • Drug use
    • Shooting each other.
    • Being a savage
    • Being a boss but don’t own anything.

The black church needs to wake up and start teaching truth.

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