Wednesday, October 28"And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not."

Food For Thought: Democrats and The Mythological Party Switch

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  • Tenaya

    While I agree whole-heartedly with your thoughts on this. BTW the party switch is taught widely in college Civics and Political Science. But I digress, I agree with your thoughts on this at some point our people have to pick a side, and for the most part the democrats while wolves in sheep clothes are most receptive to us, allowing us a platform where we can speak and possibly make some changes (so long as we don’t become victims of power and money hunger and forget what we are there to do), where as most “Black” republicans seem to fall in the category of conformists, who want to tell our people that slavery didn’t happen, and that the continued oppression and injustice is all in our minds or we are doing these things to ourselves. While I certainly understand that until we start following the laws of The Most High, we are doomed to be continually punished until he says it is enough, at which time he will reveal all. But sadly, it may be a long time yet to come, as we are still so wrapped up in our idolatry. I know you are from LA as am I, and I bore witness to the masses of my people standing along Crenshaw Blvd., crying and wailing for Nipsey Hustle as if they lived in the same house as the man. I grew up and still live here but I had never crossed paths (perhaps because I am a few years older), but I looked at them out there and understood finally what the Most High punished us for, worshiping other gods, and men as idols. But moving on, I will vote democrat (remitting unto Ceasar what is his…), but I am in no sense fooled by the reality of the game, and it is those of us who aren’t who have to educate our brothers and sisters on the truth and how to use their very weapons to our advantage, without falling prey to the charade. Shalom.

    • Tenaya,

      Thanks for responding. I’m actually from Vegas, not LA. As far as the Democrats… you admit they are wolves and then you say “at least the let us talk” and “possibly make some changes”. What do you base that on? Please give me one example of Democrats giving pro black candidates a platform… Please give one example of Democrats ever letting us make useful changes.

      This is wishful thinking at best. Democrat have never cared about black people and never will. They have $4.3 billion for non citizens that just got here, but $0 in reparations for citizens that have been here.

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