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    Dr. Welsing also said “Once the fool learns the rules of the game, the game is over.” However our LORD has said, lighten up, have some fun, and indulge in their Political Game.

    With that said I will be spearheading #BLEXIT2020. I will ‘consciously’ switch parties & register for the 1st time as a Republican with the GOP, Party of the Abolitionists.

    As a Researcher I have done my homework. My 1st job out of Howard University in Washington. D.C. was on Capitol Hill. I even shook then president, Bill Clinton’s hand and it was the most peculiar handshake ever, very telling of his personality.

    This upcoming general election is way bigger than Donald Trump. New Age Liberal Demagogues are behind pedophilia, mass abortions, pornography, banking schemes, and many other perverse things. Democrats arrogantly assume they OWN the BLACK vote and we will vote for any damned body, and I mean that literally.

    Let’s roll out of here with the same party we Negros originally supported for decades, until the deceptive Lyndon B. Johnson (a hillbillie Dixiecrat) became president after the assasination of JFK…and as promised we N*****s have been blindly voting (group think) for those blue donkeys ever since. My favorite color ironically is red and I love elephants.

    Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party suggested BLOCK Style Voting. This is a brilliant strategy. This will give us Real BLACK Power in this upcoming election (TBD). Remember–it’s all a GAME.