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    Hi Shaq,

    This brings up the debate as to whether Noah was an Albino, or simply radiated light as he “lit up the whole house.”
    Being that there are also black albinos, as well as every other ethnicity, I also wonder if these albinos are now considered “white,” since that’s how white people became white.

    I’m also curious about the distinction in facial features among the races, not just skin color. We have more differences than just color of skin, but shape of facial features and body type.

    If we all started out as black, from the same basic gene pool, how did we get so different? For instance, why do Asians have slanted eyes? I have often wondered if more than just languages were confused at the Tower of Babel, but also peoples were distinguished from one another, in order that they would know one another and be able to easily form their own nations.

    So, in summary, I have questions around what I view as likely a too simplistic explanation for white people, albeit at least partially responsible. But for me, this explanation has holes, unanswered questions as stated above.