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Dark Matter is Melanin Matter

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      Melanin is Universal Dark Matter

      “He made Darkness his Hiding Place, His Pavilion around Him.” Psalms 18:11

      “He Clothes the Heavens with Blackness…” Isaiah 50:3

      Dark (Melanin) Matter is what fills the space between the Heavens and the Earth. Dark Melanin Matter is between the sun, moon, and stars and fills the entire universe. This is the Dark Matter stuff that has baffled modern-scientists for generations–the same dark melanin matter that fills your entire BLACK hueman body, specifically your brain computer, spinal column and vital life organs. Heaven is a mirror reflection of Earth and vice versa. Your Black earth body is a reflection of your Creator’s Black spiritual body. “As above so below, so below as above.” Floating within this dark melanin matter invisible stuff is universal vibration and consciousness which are made of light and matter. Matter is born from light and light has both an electrical and a magnetic aspect—electromagnetic waves. Remember that Creation is an electromagnetic process, since ‘the material is created from the immaterial.’

      The Great Spirit made the Black “man in his own image from the soil of the earth.” (Genesis 1:27) The original soil of the earth, as was the original Black man, was rich, black, and nutrient dense and contained in abundance all 16 elements essential for black seed to germinate, sprout, reproduce and spread, in fertile crescent environments. The 16 elements of nutrient rich black soil are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, sulfur, calcium, iron, magnesium, boron, manganese, copper, zinc, molybdenum, chlorine. The BLACK body is composed of these 16 elements in addition to an abundance of sunlight energy, melanin, and water. This explains why BLACK people are most hated but most emulated.

      In Quantum Physics, the atom, at its deepest layer, is made of invisible energy waves. Thus, an atom is an invisible force field that emits waves of electrical energy. Invisible energy is the root, the essence, of our intrinsic nature. “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can be captured and stored in various forms.” For example, one way to store energy is in the form of chemical energy in a battery. Batteries are designed to convert this stored chemical energy into electrical energy. A battery has two ends—a positive terminal (cathode) and a negative terminal (anode) and when connected into a circuit, a battery can produce electricity. When you connect the two terminals (positive and negative) with coiled wire, a circuit is formed, and electrons begin to flow thru the wire; a chemical reaction takes place, and a current of electricity is produced. This chemical energy reaction (negative and positive) that occurs within the battery, explains perfectly the universal, duality belief system of Yin and Yang—how two seemingly opposite or contrary energy forces rather negative or positive, are actually complementary, interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. This chemical and electrical battery reaction also explains hueman photosynthesis in the BLACK melanated body perfectly.

      Highly melanated BLACK brain-computers can detect preexisting conscious vibrating wave thoughts at the deepest spiritual level, since “every thought is a vibration with a measurable wave length.” “Our nervous systems and melanated skin are specifically designed to harness energies circulating in the universe, and the brain is a transmitting and receiving device for this invisible energy” (Moore). Everything in life is formed of vibrations, the force of concentrated energy oscillating at different speeds. This vibrating energy-force revolves around all atoms as a circling aura of electromagnetic light rainbow-colored energy.

      “BLACK Carbon is the Basis of the Aerospace Industry.” Dissecting and studying the BLACK bodies of your melanated hue-man counterparts is what created airplanes, rockets, space ships, computers, satellites and other highly advanced and sophisticated technology.

      Simply use your Imaginations to figure out how WHITE scientists were and are still able to do this type of research on BLACK hue-man bodies worldwide. We are officially in The Information Age where everything is now being revealed and put out in the open for the whole wide world to see. These revelations are NOW aligning perfectly with The Book of Revelations, the last book in our Black Holy Bible!


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