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Who Had The Best Miracle?

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  • Moses (Turning his staff into a snake)
  • Elijah (Calling fire from heaven)
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    Black History In The Bible
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      Please read these rules in full before posting in this forum. The following rules apply to all debates:

      • Stick to the subject of debate.
      • No personal attacks.
      • Hearsay is not evidence.

      Open Debates

      Open debates are statements or interpretations you post that are open to anyone that wants to respond. Open debates must have the word “OPEN:” at the front of the title.

      Example… OPEN: Angels Have 8 Legs Like Spiders

      Present your best evidence to the public and respond to all challengers.

      Personal Challenges

      Personal challenges are issued to individuals that you’d like to debate. Personal challenges must have the word “CHALLENGE:” at the front of the title.

      Example… CHALLENGE: Dante Fortson

      You must then present the topic that you want to debate. The debate does not start until they agree to debate you.

      Audio and Video Debates

      If you have a previously recorded debate or an upcoming debate, please place the word “AUDIO” or “VIDEO” at the front of your post depending on which kind it is.

      Example… AUDIO: Angel Theory vs. Sethite Theory

      Example… VIDEO: Was Cain The Son of The Devil?

      Public Voting

      ALL debates must have a poll added that allows forum users to vote for a person or position as the winner.

      1) Polls must be single choice and not multiple choice.
      2) Polls may not be biased towards either person or position.
      3) Option must be set to show results AFTER voting.
      4) You may not set a closing date for the poll.

      Please see and vote on the poll attached this post for an example of how your poll should be set up.

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