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Earth, Plant & Hue-man Photosynthesis

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      “MELANIN is the Almighty Creator’s black felt tip pen he used to fill in the entire earth.” Richard King, M.D.

      EARTH PHOTHOSYNTHESIS: Photosynthesis is the most important process on earth. Every part of nature must undergo the process of photosynthesis including Mother Earth. All living beings must have light and sound energy from the sun in order to exist, survive, and thrive. “The Photo System that gives origin to life on planet earth is light/melanin/water, arranged in order of abundance in nature.” Photosynthesis is a process in which living organisms use sunlight to synthesize ‘energy’ from chemical substances in the atmosphere and soil. Light from the Sun is the #1 most abundant resource on the planet, 2nd is melanin, water is 3rd. These three (3) core ingredients are required for the earth to function and sustain life on her planet. Melanin is found in every corner of nature, since black pigment is the most efficient at capturing the sun’s solar light and sound energy from ultra violet radiation. Melanin is the base BLACK pigment from which all other pigments on earth are derived. “Earth Photosynthesis is the black engine of life on earth”

      PLANT PHOTOSYNTHESIS: Plants use sunlight to produce their own nutrients and energy. Sunlight transforms carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and water from the soil, into sugars and oxygen. These sugars are then converted into food, wood, materials and fossil fuels. Chlorophyll, the dark green pigment present in all green plants is a derivative—a form of melanin, since black is always the base in the color spectrum. Chlorophyll is responsible for the absorption of light to provide energy for photosynthesis. Plant photosynthesis uses sunlight, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and water from the soil, then converts them into food. Oxygen is a byproduct of the plant photosynthesis process. “Plant Photosynthesis is the green engine of life on earth”

      HUEMAN PHOTOSYNTHESIS: Melanin is to huemans–what chlorophyll is to plants. Melanin is hue-man photosynthesis. Just as chlorophyll is the dark green pigment in plants that captures sunlight energy, melanin is the black-brown pigment in huemans that efficiently captures the sun’s light and sound energy, then converts this solar energy into usable forms of solar soul food for the hueman body. Black people are able to absorb the most sunlight energy in the highest doses, huemanly possible. This ability to capture sunlight energy and reuse it like a hueman solar electric powered machine is demonstrated in the MOVEMENT and PERFORMANCE ABILITITES of our top athletes, dancers, singers, musicians, public speakers, ministers, and all other fields of the huemanities. Without melanin to efficiently capture sunlight and sound energy, there would be no LIFE on Earth!

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