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      Meditation is soothing breath work that calms the mind, clears thoughts, and allows you to maximize your spiritual experience. Mindful Meditation is the most efficient route to enter the non-physical realm at your deepest spiritual level. Meditation trains the mind to tune into Divine universal consciousness where you are no longer fascinated or lured by material possessions. This frees the mind, body, and soul to transcend the material world and relate to everything in the spirit of ONENESS with the universe.

      Meditation allows for introspection and connection to the higher-self within each individual. The intertwining of mental consciousness (thought) and divine universal consciousness (vibration) is maximized during meditation. “The dark matter of the universe and the blackness of melanin are the material plane that connects our mind and body to the spiritual world. Meditation allows you to quietly dwell in the dark matter of the universe and be at one with the Almighty Creator.” (Moore)

      MEDITATION is The Most Important Step in Training your Brain upwards into the Dark Melanin Matter of the Spiritual Realm. This is the same dark melanin matter that encases your brain-computer & essential life-organs (heart, lungs, liver, etc.). Melanin is the second most abundant chemical on earth. “Earth is made of three core ingredients, Light/Melanin/Water in order of abundance in nature.” Since we hue-mans are ‘created’ from the ingredients of our earth ‘mother’ we too are made of (sun)light, melanin, and water in that exact same order–in addition to ALL 16 vital chemicals from earth’s fertile BLACK soil. The most nutrient-dense soil on earth is carbon or graphite BLACK soil. Farmers call this ‘top soil.’

      In Meditation, you LISTEN to the Counselor, the ‘Spirit of Truth’ that dwells within your Body-Temple. This is the Holy Spirit that Yahshua Christ promised if you love him and obey his ‘command.’ John 14:15-21 Meditation is the most-efficient way to receive ‘wisdom’ and insight from the loving-kind voice that dwells within your body-temple. “Meditation is a waiting activity where all attributes of the mind and body are focused on the Divine.”

      PRAYER is the mental activity in which you talk to the Divine Creator by way of Yahshua Christ. Prayer is an important part of the holistic healing process and should be done on a daily basis. Most of us have perfected our versions of Prayer to the Almighty but forget the most important component–remaining still in complete silence in order to hear answers and guidance from The Most High.

      Pray to the ‘Lord of our Lord’ from a position of appreciation and gratitude. Be thankful for all the blessings you already have. This puts you in a position of humility and grace. Don’t just ask for and demand things–instead pray for non-material blessings such as compassion, faith, hope, guidance, clarity, abundance, prosperity and unconditional-eternal love. Once you are done talking to the Almighty Creator, remember to be WISE and remain in complete silence to ‘hear’ and receive HIS word. Always Bless The Most High, Yahshua Christ, the Holy Spirit of Truth, your family, your tribe, and all of the Creator’s living-beings on His earth creation so that you too may be Blessed.

      Daily meditation must be a priority, or you will surely slip and fall back down in the lowly material world of chaos and evil. Dedicate a specific time of day to meditate 1st thing in the morning before you begin your day. This preparation helps you keep daily events in perspective as they occur. For best results commit to meditate 3 times per day minimum, starting with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take time mid-day during lunch, even if you are at work, to withdraw from the outside world and experience complete silence for a mental energy boost. Be sure to end each night with ‘mindful meditation’ to ensure pleasant dreams and peaceful restorative sleep.

      The most important time of day for the melanated mind to meditate is at the crack of dawn—3am-5am (farm hours). This is the time when the soil of the earth is most fertile as is the soil of your mind, both which dwell in dark melanin matter. However, if you are not a morning person, simply meditate as soon as you wake up; this is when your mind is most fertile and open to receive Divine inspiration and guidance.

      Meditation is simply observing your natural breath. However, as simple as that sounds, you may find meditation to be a challenge in the beginning. The KEY is to remain committed, forever. Focused breathing sends ample amounts of oxygen to your brain-computer, which helps you enter into the dark melanin matter space of ‘vibration and consciousness.’

      Remember that easing into meditation is a PROCESS, so you will not master it the 1st, 2nd, or even the 3rd time around, but once you incorporate your most sacred virtue–Patience–you will arrive!

      HOW TO MEDITATE: Start meditation by taking long deep inhale breaths and long deep exhale breaths to bring fresh oxygen to your brain. Your mind will gradually quiet of mental chatter as you relax into your sacred mental space.

      After a few deep cleansing inhalations and exhalations, return to your natural breathing rhythm. Each time a thought appears and your mind begins to wander, chasing after each thought, simply take control and ‘observe’ each thought but do not allow your mind to ‘wander’ and follow each thought.

      Thoughts in meditation should be treated like background elevator music–you are aware of its presence, but it does not overtake your focused and powerful meditation brainwork within your very own brain-computer. When thoughts appear, quickly focus your mind back on the calmness of your breath.

      Make a concerted effort to meditate every single day and try to meditate at the same time and in the same space as often as you can. Wear comfortable clothing, remove your shoes, and keep a blanket close by in case you become chilly.

      Approach meditation with an open heart and a clean body temple. Meditate in a comfortable seated position, with sufficient back support to ensure your body will be as relaxed as possible. Always sit up during meditation, since lying down will most likely put you to sleep. Sit in whatever position is most comfortable for your body, legs crossed, or legs stretched out, with a small pillow under your knees for support if needed. The melanated mind needs to spend at least 30 minutes per session in deep melanin matter meditation with the spiritual forces of the universe. Set your timer for 30 minutes and relax into your spiritual journey. Some will say only 15 minutes of meditation is needed per day but that is foolishness if you are trying to develop a deep, life-long bond and holy relationship with the LORD of LOVE. Since meditation is a much more challenging task than it sounds, you will probably spend several minutes just getting comfortable and settled into position at the onset of your practice, but always remember that Practice makes Perfect!

      Intuitive flashes or inspired thought will not always come directly after meditation but with time and patience, the answers you are seeking will eventually be revealed to you. Sitting still in complete silence requires persistence. A concerted effort must be made to allow the many thoughts that will arise to become background noise —you know it’s there, but you don’t zoom in on it and allow it to overtake your conscious mind and rule. You and only you are inside your MIND; therefore, you are in charge of all mental chatter and thoughts, negative or positive.

      Prayer and meditation go hand and hand and will make you a kinder, more patient, and gentle being. In dark melanin meditation, you tap into clairvoyance and intuition, acquiring a greater awareness that connects you to the storehouse of energy that lies within your melanated body, mind, and soul. Meditation attunes your body to the Holy Divine Spirit, making you stronger mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. This awakening brings the mind, body and soul into perfect alignment.

      Most importantly, instead of looking outside for solutions to life’s many problems, only and always look within, where all answers await you from the Divine Holy-Spirit that dwells within your Body-Temple!

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