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How would you respond to this????

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      So a while back I got a pretty long document from an old friend concerning why I shouldn’t believe that the Negro is not the Israelite. I read it and was disappointed. He knows that i am a Christian, he knows that only difference in our beliefs is our belief in our identity, Israel and Eschatology. Yet, much of his response is directed toward the camps. Anyways, Ive started responding to this paper and thought, i wonder if i am missing certain things in my response…so here i am. If you care to read and add what you would say that would be dope. If not, understood, much more important things to handle. Let me say however, that i love this brother and im not tryna be jerk toward him, he is an Israelite who is respectful whether he agrees to it or not. Thank you all, blessings.

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