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      Introduction to Melanin

      “Melanin is the Root of the Black Tree of Life.” Richard King, M.D.

      Melanin is a multifunctional chemical substance found throughout nature. Melanin exists in land, seas, soil, food, the universe, and womb of all mothers. The chemical melanin is one of the building blocks or core ingredients found in the soil of the earth; the soil used to mold the first man into a hueman being. (Genesis 2:7 The Creator took a handful of soil and made man. He breathed life into man and made man a living being.) “Soil is a mixture of organic matter, minerals, liquids, gases and organisms that together support life.” Every nutrient in the hueman body is present in soil and the richest, most nutrient-dense and fertile soil on the earth, is black soil, our external metabolism. Melanin is present in all parts of the hueman body, including the heart, liver, intestines, muscles and nerves, it is even present in the hueman brain computer. Melanin essentially regulates all bodily functions and is vital to the balance and well-being of hue-mans. “Melanin is the Chemical of Life.”

      According to the late doctors of psychiatry, Frances Cress Welsing, M.D. and Richard King, M.D., “The BLACK color of melanin allows its chemical structure to absorb, store, and generate light and sound energy, once it contacts the molecule.” More profoundly, Dr. King explained that, “The ability of blacks to absorb the most sunlight allows blacks to have a higher level of perception and the ability to communicate with the spiritual world.” The perfect example is The George Washington Carver Phenomenon.

      Three Known Types of Melanin in Huemans are: 1. Eumelanin: Black-brown pigment found in the skin, eyes, hair and dark areas around nipples. Provides strong protection against ultra violet radiation. 2. Pheomelanin: Main pigment found in redheads—provides pink and red colors but not as protective against radiation. 3. Neuromelanin: A polymer form of melanin found in different areas of the brain and vital organs. In Black people neuromelanin is found in major functional areas of the brain as well as in the pineal gland, also called the 3rd eye chakra, which connects melanated people to the spiritual realm. “Neuromelanin efficiently binds to metals and potentially toxic molecules. Melanin deficiency may cause several neurological diseases (Alzheimer’s, ADHD, Parkinson’s, Spiritual Death).”

      In his book, The Science of Melanin, Dr. T. Owens Moore, our Biomedical Research Scientist, identifies the three Main Functions of Neuromelanin 1. Melanin Neutralizes Free Radicals or toxic substances in the body; it collects substances inside and outside the body and helps to prevent toxicity or internal poisoning. 2. Nerve Conductor Facilitator—Melanin makes nerve impulses flow better, i.e. the darker your eyes, the quicker your reaction time. 3. Energy Transformer—Melanin converts invisible ultra-violet into nerve impulses—energy conversion. i.e. melanin in the ear converts energy sound waves into nerve impulses. Melanin connects you to the spiritual realm by way of your seven chakras or spiritual energy centers. Dr. Moore concludes, “The greater your ability to produce melanin, the greater your potential to function at a higher level.”

      Dr. Carol Barnes, an Organic Chemist and Author of Melanin: The Chemical Key to Black Greatness, written in 1988, defines melanin as “an ancient molecule that has been on the earth since the inception of life.” He explains that since man evolved near the equator in central Africa, where the heat from the sun is intense, nature created melanin as a plan to protect huemans from the ultraviolet radiation rays from the sun that can damage DNA and poison the body with harmful radiation.” Dr. Barnes points out that “Melanin is found in strategic highly functional regions of the body. A few major functional areas melanin is present is in the iris of the eye, the stria vascularis of the inner ear, the zona reticularis in the adrenal gland, the medulla and brainstem—called substantia nigra or black substance—both major regions of the brain, and other organs throughout the body.

      The melanin molecule’s black color allows it to grab the sun’s energy, neutralize the otherwise harmful ultraviolet rays, and make this ‘new energy’ a part of the whole structure—then reuses this once harmful energy in a positive efficient manner for the body when needed.” Melanin protects DNA and prevents pre-mature aging of the skin and internal organs.

      Melanin is made of different properties depending on the location in the body. “We huemans are made up of various chemicals which translate themselves into polymers, catalysts, enzymes, hormones, etc. that are held together by certain bonds. Melanin maintains ionic, covalent, hydrogen, and metallic bonding arrangements, which means that many different chemical reactions can take place at the same time. Melanin ensures that proper chemical reactions are taking place in the body at all times, which is why it is highly efficient.” Dr. Barnes goes on to say that “melanin is such a stable molecule that it is a pre-cursor to neurotransmitters and can send messages to other parts of the body without reporting to the brain. This is very rare yet very powerful for a molecule” says Dr. Barnes.

      In addition, Dr. Barnes goes on to explain that “because the melanin molecule has a strong, stable, invasive, resistant and resilient structure, it is virtually impossible for man to study it, due to its ever-changing nature.” This means that Frankenstein Scientists cannot easily genetically modify, emulate, nor chemically engineer melanin; as melanin-deficient beings usually try to do with the features, anatomy, and skin color of melinated BLACK people. Why do WHITES and other race colors now love and want the same BLACK features they purportedly hated just a short decade or two ago—things like full lips, kinky curly hair, wide hips, big butts and dark skin? Creatures and Beasts have absolutely no shame whatsoever.

      “Melanin never degrades in dead hue-man bones, it is always active even millions of years after death, due to its extreme stability.” This is why Dr. Barnes calls the research of melanin “state of the art, high-tech information” that will eventually cause the world to view BLACK people in a whole new light since blacks are the ones who can literally take in the highest amounts of the sun’s light energy in the safest manner, as was planned by our Living-God!

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