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      After years of struggling to write just one single book, I now understand from a higher perspective why my book was never meant to be finished, at least not the way I kept trying to force it to be finished. What initially started out as a holistic guide to aging gracefully and naturally, evolved into a fifteen-year spiritual journey to heal my soul.

      Out of frustration with my unfinished manuscript and the mounting political and racial turmoil in our country, I finally decided to step away from it all and retreat within, for peace, calm and sanity. This was the perfect time I thought, to detach from the material world of chaos and greed and deepen my meditation and spiritual practice, instead. I began to mindfully meditate, affirm, pray and visualize every single day, and over time, and sacred mental space, “my soul gradually began to open up” and I was able to see deeply into the spiritual realm.

      The small still voice within simply advised me to “Let go and go with the natural forces of the universe.” I, like many, was used to talking to the Almighty Creator and asking for things, but I rarely sat down in complete silence to listen and receive guidance and answers from the Divine Holy Spirit. I was advised to read the Holy Bible from beginning to end to learn for myself who this Creator of the Heavens and the Earth really is. The Most High gently explained, “If you widen your lens and view the world from a higher perspective, all the madness and organized chaos will make sense to you.”
      The fastest way to sift through the lies and confusion is to simply flip the script.

      We are told to follow The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation, researched and formulated by Dr. Frances Cress-Welsing M.D., a 3rd generation physician, psychiatrist, professor, and 50-year expert in the global power system of White Supremacy (Racism). Dr. Welsing states that no WHITE person should tell any BLACK person what racism is or is not, until they have read Racial Matters: The FBI’s Secret File on Black America, 1960-1972 by Kenneth O’Reilly. White Supremacy Racism (WSR) has caused the number one BLACK mental illness of Self-Hatred in the United States of America and most likely, worldwide.

      The Cress Color-Confrontation Theory uses 5 race color classifications of Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and White; putting ethnicities, religion, societal beliefs, and other differences aside. There is one earth, one race (the hue-man race) and one Living-God. We are basically dividing ourselves into 5 skin color categories of black, brown, red, yellow, and white. These five (race) skin-color-classifications will guide us civilized hueman beings back to our ancestral homelands and birthright lineages. “Reclaiming our self-respect & dignity as a crystal-black & blessed people” according to Dr. Welsing, “is more powerful than any nuclear weapon on earth; powerful enough to dismantle the 500-year-old system of WHITE Supremacy Racism (WSR) in which The Almighty Dollar is God.”

      To date, Negros, Blacks, Africans, Caribbean-Americans, and people of color worldwide, are ongoing victims of hueman trafficking, perpetual persecution, and hueman rights violations per United Nation’s International Hueman Rights Laws; but most importantly, it is a direct violation & grave sin per the Holy Bible.

      Despite all the negative-worldly noise and divinely organized chaos, Mindful Silence (meditation) always provides the sacred mental space for the small still loving-kind voice of our Living-God to come through. I receive insight, divine intelligence, and loving-kindness beyond the imaginable.

      “There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge, but can never prove how it got there,” said huemanitarian and theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein.

      In his quest to discover The Theory of Everything, Einstein stated, “Us physicists believe the separation between past, present, and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one.” Genius Einstein understood the Magical Power of the Almighty Creator when he said, “The Creator of the Cosmos sees many dimensions and space-time realities all at once.” Meaning the Almighty Creator of the Heavens, Earth, Bodies of Water & the Universe, down to every living cell and atom, can see the ‘past, present, and future’ all at once, from his perspective up High! That is why we call him The Most High! “Heaven is my Throne and Earth is my Footstool,” saith the LORD. Isaiah 66 1-2.

      Melanated people, by design of our Almighty Creator, are born hardwired, with the greatest ability to tap into the spiritual forces of nature. BLACK possesses in abundance, spiritual and magical melanin molecules, that efficiently capture, convert, absorb, and store sunlight and sound energy, showered upon us as Blessings of Love, direct from the Heavens Above. “Yet he has not left Himself without testimony. He has shown kindness by giving you rain from Heaven and Crops in their Seasons; he provides you with plenty of food and fills your Heart with Joy” Acts 14:17. Our ancient holy DNA genetic coding and sacred bloodline, connects us directly back to the ancient wisdom of our black ancestors, the sons and daughters of the Living-God. We (BLACK) have our very own Internal Guide, that small still voice within that provides us with Wisdom, Intelligence, ESP, Telepathy, Intuitive Flashes, and those gut feelings we all get, but don’t always follow.

      I am able to connect to Divine Wisdom, because I consciously create the perfect environment by consuming a rainbow of seasonal vegetables and fruits, nourishing plant foods, plant medicines, regular exercise, and plenty of dark green pigmented (chlorophyll) plants, chockfull of the Lord’s holy life-force sunlight energy. Most importantly, I consume my Daily Spiritual MEDs of meditation, affirmations, visualization and prayers of gratitude.

      Since Negro (close all loopholes) American Descendants of Slaves (#NADOS) fit all the curses listed in Deuteronomy 28, and Negroes are from the line of Shem (King David & Yahshua Christ), I stepped into the role of the stiffed-neck fools mentioned in the Bible. My goal is to understand what is needed to correct this millennia old problem of the blessed but foolish Keepers of the Creator’s Sacred Laws, constantly being put into slavery for disobeying the Living-God.

      Most BLACKS say they believe in a higher power, but many do not read or adhere to the Bible, the book they purportedly revere as the most important book ever written on earth.

      I have consciously made a choice as an entrepreneur (we are inherently risk-takers) to act on Faith, Trust and Belief in my Inner Guide only, instead of allowing outside fear tactics and warmongers to be the masters over my very own life.

      I have learned that I do not need green TREE paper dollar bill$ to survive and thrive on earth. I do need the basics of water, food, clothing, shelter (tangibles) and peace of mind, my God-given right. Basic necessities of life however, do not require precious trees to be torn down to obtain them. In ancient biblical days (the good ole’ days) honest hue-man beings bartered and traded goods and services with their fellow co-creations. TREE paper money was unheard of in ancient times. Trees are the lungs of Mother Earth and sacred to our Living-God. There are plenty of resources on the earth, enough for all living beings to survive and thrive. The hoarding of resources, as well as greed, is a detestable dis-ease of the mind, body and soul. This is the mentality of the Spiritually Dead.

      The mindful-conscious process of taking my Daily Spiritual MEDs activates and maximizes my internal and external melanin potential, which leads me into the spiritual realm of vibration and consciousness. This vital process reminds my heart and soul to have compassion, empathy and loving-kindness for all living co-creations on planet Earth. Once I began to see life from a higher perspective, what modern day psychiatrists call the super-conscious or higher conscious self; racial, political, family and personal experiences began to make sense, allowing me to put my many Life’s Lessons into perspective. The Great Spirit taught me that on both the material and spiritual realms, patience is the most important virtue, and mindful silence is Divine Power!
      Melanin is the answer to my life-long question to the Divine! “Dear Lord, why do most WHITE people inherently hate us–BLACK hueman beings since we have done nothing to harm them? Please Lord, make this crazy racist country and world make sense to me.” I asked this major question year after year, decade after decade. I needed to understand from a different perspective. As an energy sensitive, observant, and alert child born in 1965 at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, I felt the evil sting of racism early on in life. I didn’t understand racism then, but I felt it, and knew deep down, that something in our society was just not right. When I was born over 50 years ago, 80% of Negro children were born into a two-parent married household with both a mother and a father.

      Today it’s the complete opposite; 80% of Negro children are born out of wedlock to young single mothers with no male role model in the home. BLACK male fathers are forced out of families as head of household and conditioned to not take responsibility as a man for his family. BLACK boys are now being effeminized and emasculated intentionally as part of this cruel system of racism white supremacy. WHITE racists have bags full of never-ending tricks they use against BLACK huemans any time they feel threatened or in a lowly vibrating negative mood. This generation’s trick is sexual confusion and sexual perversion.

      But why is that?

      Melanin, or hue, ‘Melahue’ is the most powerful and dynamic chemical molecule on earth, which is why European scientists have held annual Melanin Conferences for the past 100 years to study in-depth this spiritual and magical molecule that BLACK huemans possess in abundance. ‘Melamue’ means aura or radiance. “Melamue is a glamorous glow gifted to gods and goddesses by the Chief God El.” The Creator, also known as El or Chief Warrior God, had sons and daughters (gods and goddesses) who lived amongst the first huemans on earth in ancient Khemet (Egypt), Mesopotamia (Iraq) and Ugarit (Syria). These kingdoms were the original first worlds and all practiced polytheism or praised many gods, which is what first hueman civilizations were allowed to do. Most importantly they acknowledged, worshiped and praised the Chief God El, known for his wisdom, lovingkindness and righteousness.

      This revelation is from archeological findings of ancient ritual texts and images from Mesopotamian, Khemetian & Canaanite civilizations. This region was called the fertile crescent, the place where God 1st molded man into civilized hueman beings. The fertile crest is a vast land mass located on the 2 continents of western Asia and eastern Eden (Africa) near the Persian Gulf and Red Sea. The fertile crest encircles the Syrian and Sinai Deserts and includes the Rivers Nile–Blue Nile, and the Rivers Tigris–Euphrates.

      BLACK, being the base and origin of huemanity, logically means that the most ancient Cradle of Civilization, the 1st civilization God created on earth was ancient Khemet (Egypt) Land of The BLACK, where Khemestry was revealed by the Divine. Mesopotamia was the 2nd civilization created on earth and includes the modern-day countries of Iraq and Kuwait. The Indus Valley was the 3rd and most widespread civilization, stretching from northeast Afghanistan, Pakistan and northwest India. The 4th civilization to arise and the longest continuous civilization on earth, is Ancient China in eastern Asia, followed by the Mayans in Central America. The Mayans lived peacefully in the present-day countries of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, western Honduras, northwest Nicaragua and the Gulf of Mexico.

      Babylon was the most famous city in Mesopotamia. In 500 B.C., the ancient Babylonian empire under the rule of King Nebuchadnezzar, burned the royal palace, holy temple, and the entire City of Jerusalem in ancient Israel. Jerusalem was the holiest city on earth, known by ancient civilizations as The City of God, the place where man first met the Living God!

      In 70 A.D., after our Lord & Savior Yahshua Christ, the chosen son of YHWH was nailed to a wooden cross and persecuted by WHITE Roman soldiers, the BLACK treasured ones were once again kicked out of the Holy Land as punishment and eventually put back into slavery. Yahshua Christ had prophesied to them that “no stone would be left unturned in Jerusalem.” In the 7th century A.D., the Philistines gained control of the region, settled the lands (Palestine), and built the Dome of the Rock Mosque, atop the site where the Hebrew Holy Temple once stood.

      WHITE civilization in Europe appeared thousands of years after the first worlds had already created the arts, sciences and archetypes of hue-manity. Sadly, this envious race group has been in competitive mode ever since and arrogantly rewrote and rearranged history to fit their delusional narratives as the first inventors of everything on earth. The United States of America is 242 years young and a bully and tyrant to the whole wide world. The illegally occupied State of Israel is a 70-year-new country built on bloodshed, terrorism, and other heinous war crimes against huemanity. “Behold, I give you the Synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, but they are not; they do lie.” (Revelation 3:9)

      Because of the deadly dis-ease of melanin-deficiency which leads to spiritual death, this evil satanic history that oppresses and kills BLACK, continues to repeat itself generation after generation.

      At this point in time, the only logical solution for BLACK is on the Spiritual Realm. In my subconscious mind, I inadvertently developed a ‘burning desire’ to find this Spiritual Solution and unbeknowing to me, this search for Spiritual Truth, became my Major LIFE’s Purpose!

      “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:1

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