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      They say if you wanna hide something from a BLACK man just
      put it in a book.

      But then where do you hide the book?

      “I will put my LAW in their inward parts, and in their HEART will I write it. I will be their LORD and they shall be My People.” Jeremiah 33

      The LORD never ceases to amaze me!

      NOW Dust Off Your IMAGINATIONS & THINK Yourselves Into HEAVEN Right Here on EARTH!

      JAH LIVES…

      “Solve your piece of the puzzle…figure out your part
      of the riddle” Says the Almighty Creator!

      So metaphorically speaking who are you and what
      symbol do you represent?

      “Apostle comes from the military term Apostolate which means to execute the position of the one who sent him. An apostle is a messenger who is always on a mission. He is gifted and graced to speak a word in a certain area. The
      apostle’s job is to teach this message that is grafted for a
      certain demographic. Her LIFE is the embodiment of that message.” Pastor Stephen Darby (1971- 2017)

      JAH LIVES…

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