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The George W. Carver Phenomenon

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      The George Washington Carver Phenomenon

      George Washington Carver was born in the mid-1860’s. He became a world-famous Botanist and Inventor. Mr. Carver engineered and taught Crop Rotation to poor farmers using alternative crops as a source of food and to avoid soil depletion. This method drastically shifted the economy of the south by creating cash crops for farmers and also yielded higher amounts of cotton.

      Mr. Carver invented over 300 products from the Peanut and over 100 products from the Sweet Potato. Some of his Thesis Research included “Possibilities of the Peanut” and “Man is Simply Nature’s Agent.” His life was inspired by advice from his favorite teacher who wisely told him to “Go out into the world, learn all you can, then give all your learning back to your people.” Mr. Carver did just that.

      Professor Carver was Head of the Agriculture Department at Tuskegee Institute for 47 years. He taught Natural History from direct observation of natural phenomena. He designed and taught farming techniques for self-sufficiency to poor black farmers.

      As a plant expert “he was so in tune with nature that he communicated with plants.” In 1941, Time Magazine labeled him “A Black Leonardo.” This world-famous Botanist who was consulted by three American Presidents, was known for saying “The plants speak to me.” Understanding how the melanin process works, this makes very good scientific sense.

      Professor Carver was a very dark-skinned BLACK man. He spent most of his time outdoors, working in harmony with nature as a farmer, agricultural teacher and natural history expert. His coarse black-coiled-wooly hair, shaped like man-made wire, received solar electromagnetic life-force energy from the Divine Holy Spirit by way of the sun. Mr. Carver’s black skin absorbed and stored abundant amounts of sunlight and sound energy into his highly melanated body. He consumed lots of fresh-pigmented fruits and vegetables from his organic gardens.

      This powerful fusion of sunlight, melanin, water, green chlorophyll and other chemicals from nature, allowed Professor Carver to “tune in, turn on, and tap into” the universal forces of nature—the Spiritual Realm. The Books of Jubilees reminds us that “Agriculture is a Divine Institution” and since rhythm is the “language of the universe,” Professor Carver was able to ‘talk to the plants’ in the dark melanin spiritual realm, right here on earth.

      All hueman skin colors (black, brown, red, yellow & white) have the ability to tap into the spiritual world, but by varying degrees, based on melanin levels. The greater your ability to absorb solar light energy from the sun, the greater your ability to tune into the spiritual forces of nature.

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