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    Black History In The Bible
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      Use this forum to promote your videos and podcasts whenever you want, but please be aware of the following rules.

      1) Do not post the same video or podcast more than once.

      2) If you’re not sure if the video or podcast has been posted… search first.

      3) You may post “bump” as reply to your video or podcast to move it back to the top of the page. Please do not make an additional post for the same video.

      4) Do not spam any of the other forums with your video or podcast links. You can post a video or podcast in other forums ONLY if it is relevant to the topic already being discussed.

      5) Do not post any porn or nudity of any kind.

      6) Do not post any copyrighted material that you don’t own. This refers specifically to bootlegs and not to sharing YouTube videos.

      7) Do not post videos with false or misleading titles.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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