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    Melanin Institute of Hueman Technology
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      YHWH is made of Melanin–the spiritual molecule found throughout all 4 corners of HIS Earth Creation. YAH is “The Most-Perfect BLACK.”

      We are in Spiritual Warfare, a Real Life Game of Chess and ALL Living Beings on earth are ‘pons’ in the Game. Chess is the oldest skill game in the world, based on tactics & long-term strategy. There are only 2 players in the game and they are respectfully named after their 2 colors on the chess board–WHITE God(GOD) versus BLACK God(TMH). Black represents Power, which is why evil souls hate ‘All things Black’ especially HIS ‘Black’ children, made in HIS image.

      YHWH Party is founded upon the Principles of the Black Holy Bible. Motto: 2020–Out with the Old (Dixiecrats & Repuglicans)–In with the New. “WE the People” will WRITE-IN the ‘chosen YHWH presidential candidate’ on the 2020 General Election ballot, voting on site–in person only. Hebrew Volunteers will work at all voting polls and send professional Observers to every voting precinct to monitor voter turnout and folly.

      Gather in WDC–2020 on the National Mall for a Peaceful & Mindfully Silent Weekend Delegation Event to announce the newly formed political ‘Party of YHWH.’ Event Date–TBD. Event is for the ‘awakened chosen ones’ only. Select gentile guests will be invited.

      Our nation’s capital is near the Maryland slave harbor/port, where Kunta Kente 1st arrived in the USA aboard a ‘slave ship’ packed like sardines with his Hebrew brethren, with iron ‘yolks’ around their necks. “I have seen slaves on horseback, while princes go on foot like slaves.” (Ecclestiastics 10:7).

      We will ‘camp out’ on the National Mall at our ‘own-risk’ and social-distance by family. There is ample space for all to commune, from the Capitol to the National Monument, encompassing the Reflecting Pool and the Lincoln Memorial. This is the beautiful site where our forefathers gathered in 1963 to ‘March on Washington’ for Hue-man & Civil Rights. In 1983, we HU students, along with thousands of others, marched on the Mall to commend the 20th Anniversary of the historic ‘March on Washington.’ In 1995, over 1 million men united and bonded as brothers at the ‘Million Man March’ also held in WDC on the National Mall.

      Guest Speakers: Pastor Omar Thibeaux, J.D., Acting-Chair of YHWH Party, Dr. Jill Stein, M.D., Chair of the Green Party, Dr. Ariana Chihombori-Quao, M.D, VA, Hebrew Ambassadors from the Americas, Caribbean & African nations, Ministers Yakoba & Teo, LA, Marianne Williamson, Spiritual Leader, CA, Minister Dante Fortson, NV, 1st Lady Chantelle Thibeaux, LA, Minister Nuri Muhammad, IL, Minister Leo Muhammad, UK, Dr. T Owens Moore, GA, Dr. Joy Degruy, OR, Qubilah Shabazz, NY, Bernice King, GA, Ilyasha Shabazz, NY, J.A.H Diouck, DC, Attallah Shabazz, NY, Chris Hedges, DC, Dr. Cornell West, NJ, plus many more.

      Braintrust Sessions: Sista E, TN, Mr. & Mrs. Watchman Reports, AL, Sista Ashanda at Large, Kingdom Preppers, Foster & Kimberly Gamble, CA, Dr. Umar Johnson, PA, Bobby Kennedy Jr. MA, Abraham Hicks, TX, Color of Change, School of the Hebrews, BHITB, TEOTW, Thrive Movement, Nation of Islam, Electronic Intifida, Seed of Change, Pastor-Bishop Bible Study, Hebrew Sermons, Gospel Shows, plus many workshops & seminars.

      Media Coverage: African Diaspora, Dr. Mumbai Show, Kim Iversen, Political Vigilante, Edward Szall, Tru News, RT America, Al Jazeera, plus Hebrew media.

      Bookstore: Mother Nia Danali, Medu Bookstore GA, Sankofa Books & Video, DC., plus more.

      Sponsors: Lebron James, Colin Kapernick, Philanthropists, & Celebrities who wish to buy back their Hebrew Souls.

      Food & Beverage Service: Everlasting Life, Sankofa, Woodland Hills & more.

      Event Management Team: TBD.

      Attendees by Family Members: USA, the Americas & Islands of the Caribbean Sea.

      Angel creations will be called to secure the perimeter of the National Mall. Police presence will be Hebrew brethren only, selected by Security Team, retired D.C.-MPD.

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