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Copying, Linking, and Citing

For those that want to know about copying, linking to, and citing material found on Black History In The Bible (BHITB).

  1. BHITB does not allow sites to reproduce entire articles from the BHITB website and put them on their websites, blogs, etc., because it has an adverse affect on search engine rankings. Sites found stealing content form this site will be reported to their hosting provider.
  2. You may copy articles and place them in your church bulletins, newsletters, etc. in non electronic format, as long as the full website address ( is included as the source.
  3. Quotations of BHITB articles in books and magazines are allowed (and encouraged) provided the proper documentation is given.
    1. One article may be reproduced for each book and magazine.  Beyond this permission is required from BHITB.
  4. You may copy parts of BHITB articles for use in emails as long as the emails do not end up on websites, and as long as the full website address ( is included as the source.
  5. Fair use laws state that small portions of material may be quoted for documentation purposes, without written permission, but must be unaltered and accompanied by the proper documentation citing the source.

Linking To BHITB

Please do! You do not need permission to link to BHITB. Feel free to link to individual articles or to the main site (

Citing BHITB In Research

  • If you want to automatically cite a website, go to

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