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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to fully address many of the questions that I receive on a regular basis, I decided to add this page. It’ll be updated over time, so be sure to check back on occasion.

Why do you believe that the Hebrews were dark skinned people?

There is ample evidence to support the belief that the Hebrews were indeed a dark skinned people. If we just read the Bible at face value, and then reference a map, we know that the Hebrews traveled back and forth to Africa, and even took African wives and husbands. For more information on why I believe that the Hebrews were dark skinned people, please see the following articles:

Does skin color determine salvation?

I don’t believe that it does. I believe that anyone can be saved, regardless of skin color.

Why does skin color matter?

Many people would like to make the claim that it doesn’t, but people of color know that it does. Skin color has been used to justify slavery, murder, and other forms of oppression, including segregation and outright murder of black people by law enforcement. More importantly, skin color has been used to suppress Biblical truth. Any time you see a picture of a European Jesus, that is an attempt to hide the truth… Jesus was not European or white skinned.

The images of Christ and the Hebrews were changed to hide the truth, and that is why skin color is the focus of much of this site. It is for no other reason than to show who the people were that the Bible is based around. I believe that the true Hebrews, mentioned in the Bible, were and still are people of color.

Does the Bible reference skin color?

Yes it does. Many people like to make the claim that it doesn’t, but that’s false. If you’re not familiar with skin color references in the Bible, please read the following articles here on this site:

How are your teachings different from the Black Hebrew Israelites?

In order to accurately answer this question, I’ve put together the following list of what I teach and believe. This list will be updated from time to time, and is subject to change. Please feel free to check back on occasion:

  • I do not preach hatred for any race.
  • I do not teach racial superiority or inferiority of any kind.
  • I believe in separation of religion, and not race.
  • I believe that the Bible is the final word on matters of scripture.
  • I believe that Christ is the savior of all, and that anyone can be saved regardless of skin color.

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