Saturday, September 21"And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not."

Mini Study Monday: The Four Living Creatures

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  • Clifford Jones

    I am already a Patreon member. Why do I keep getting the offer to take the Red Pill when I click the link for Mini Study Monday: The Four Living Creatures?

  • Marrian Stinson

    The Bible study should be free. I am disable but I am a Biblical Historian. I see for buying audio and videos but not studies I don’t care if it is a dollar. I have bills to pay on a set income.

    • Mini Study Mondays are created specifically for All Access Patrons. If you by your own choice do not want to contribute to this ministry, then that’s up to you. However, I do create stuff specifically for those that choose to support. Otherwise, feel free to enjoy the rest of the 99% of free studies and podcasts on the site.

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