Tuesday, October 20"And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not."

Mini Study Mondays: Love

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One Comment

  • Ricson

    Thank you very much for this blog! One can’t read it to much and remind oneself what love is. I would like to add, what many people love to oversee about love. Love is not only a feeling, it goes beyond the emotional state of the person. It is a conscious decision based on a conviction on person has. Love is a commitment, it’s not just happening, it is a clear choice!

    I thought about it, when I read your comment about the 90 day period. Someone might pass that period, and perhaps after 500 days, that person sees something that takes away that feeling. It would make that comment less beneficial. People who want to engage in a relationship, should be in mutual understanding that love is commitment, and nothing make that commitment invalid. There might come unpleasant times, but through the commitment, that time would be an acceptable circumstance, because the value of the relationship is higher than (selfish) feelings. But if there is zero consciousness about the worth of the relationship vs temporary feelings (selfish), it would be no wonder people would doubt their relationships, doubt themselves or their partners. Jesus Christ didn’t die for us, because it feels good, he died because the worth of our relationship was for him higher than what could bring a better feeling. People have to learn that, they can only speak about love if there is a commitment, a higher value in the relationship than in desired feeling or circumstance.

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