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Money Mondays: Money Matters 101

I told somebody that they’re losing money by saving it in a bank account and they asked me to show them how… so here goes:

Wells Fargo stock (WFC) is at $44.39 per share.

It pays a DIVIDEND of 4.60% APY

However, if you put your money in a Wells Fargo savings account, you only earn 0.01% – 0.10% APY

You’re money is literally losing out on 4.5% – 4.59% per year.

  • Invest: $44.39 turns into $46.43 (+$2.04)
  • Save: $44.39 turns into $44.43 (+$0.04)

Multiply that across whatever you have sitting in a savings account. It starts to add up when it gets into the thousands of dollars saved. You’re losing out on $2 for every $44 you have saved…

If you have $4,400 in savings, you missed out on $200… on top of that you miss the compound interest… because that $200 would earn $9.20 per year… and so on. The numbers stack fast over years.

The bank invests the money of its account holders… so if they’re paying a dividend as high as 4.60% to share holders, they’re likely pulling in 10% or more ROI…

  • Wells Fargo gets 10% or more (estimate)
  • Share holders get 4.60%
  • Account holders get 0.10%

We’re not done yet… the dividend is separate from the stock value… if the stock value jumps to $50… you’ve now made a $5.61 profit… and that $5.61 will earn a 4.60% dividend ($0.25 APY)…. which is still more than your entire $44.39 earns sitting in a savings account.

Let that sink in… $5.61 invested earns 6x more than $44.39 sitting in savings.

This is why a lot of white and Asian wealth outpaces black wealth… we’re taught to save, save, save… and they’re taught to invest, invest, invest.

Learn how investing works if you wanna win the game and not just play it until you retire.

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