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  • Kam

    Hi Dante,
    What Bible do you use to read and do your research because I am under the understanding that what we refer to as the Bible in modern day terms is corrupt from the original meaning and copy.

    • Black History In The Bible


      I use a KJV. I also use several other basic resources. – Let’s you search scripture fast and easy. (interlinear) – Let’s you look up the Hebrew and Greek. Lots of other tools as well. – I’m sure you know how Google works. Images and videos too. – You can find a ton of really good starting points for study. – Look up the meaning of unfamiliar words and phrases. – I prefer these maps, but tons of sites have maps.

      Anyone telling you that you need a certain Bible version to research is lying to you. The majority of people use a KJV, but you’ll find that people use all kinds of versions, but for deep study a KJV works best because of the Strong’s Concordance. Bible Hub has a Strong’s Concordance if you click “Interlinear”. It’s fully based around the KJV.

      Thanks for the question.

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