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Re: Are There Any Black People Mentioned In The Bible?

Re: Are There Any Black People Mentioned In The Bible?

The Awakening
Are there any black people mentioned in the Bible? The answer is yes. However, the Christian site "Got Questions?" got this answer completely wrong (click here to read their original response to this question). Their entire response is uninformed and continues the cycle of denying what scripture actually says. I'm going to quote and highlight everything they got wrong, and then I'll explain why it's wrong. It is both intellectually dishonest and scripturally inaccurate to claim that Ham is the father of the black nations, and then attempt to explain away every descendant of Ham as anything other than black. It doesn't work both ways. With that said, this rebuttal isn't about bashing or condemnation, but about correction and education. Suggested Reading Ham: The Origin...

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