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Kedar: The “Dark Skinned” Grandson of Abraham

Kedar: The “Dark Skinned” Grandson of Abraham

Blurred Lines
Kedar was Abraham's grandson, and the second son of Ishmael (Genesis 25:13). He also founded a city that is mentioned quite a few times in scripture. Twelve times to be exact. It is not a major focal point of the Bible, but we do learn some pretty interesting things about the city. They lived in black tents (Psalms 120:5 and Song of Solomon 1:5). The were archers like Ishmael (Isaiah 21:17). They were ruled by princes (Ezekiel 27:21). Its alluded to above, but I feel like it's important to point out that the descendants of Kedar are one of the many nations that can trace their lineage back to Abraham. Where Was Kedar Located? The Meaning of Kedar Kedar (Qedar) comes from a Hebrew word that means "swarthy". While many people claim that the Bible makes no r...

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