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King Solomon: The Hebrew Son of An African Woman

King Solomon: The Hebrew Son of An African Woman

The Shemites
Like it or not, the legendary King Solomon was the son of an African woman. His mother Bathsheba was a Gilonite... which was one of the Canaanite tribes that Judah didn't remove from the land. The Gilonites and the Hittites were among several Canaanite tribes that lived among Judah. For those that are rusty on Biblical lineage, the Hittites were the sons of Heth, which were the sons of Canaan, who was the son of Ham. The Gilonites also descended from Ham as well. If you'd like to read more in depth about Solomon's mother Bathsheba and her Hittite husband Uriah, please check out the following articles: Bathsheba: King Solomon's African Mother Uriah: Bathsheba's African Husband and David's Mighty Man Solomon's lineage is important because it goes a long way in expla...

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