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Hiding Israel: The White Washing of History – Part 2

Hiding Israel: The White Washing of History – Part 2

The Awakening
Not only was the multinational plot to hide Israel carried out during the Transatlantic Slave Trade, but the ongoing white washing of all things ethnic continues to play a major role in hiding the truth about who the Hebrews were and are. Pictures Worth A Thousand Words One of the most amazing things about scripture are the warnings that were given far in advance. While some books that use to be part of the official canon were removed, their warnings still ring true. One warning in particular points to a campaign of outright deception through the painting of false images: "Wherefore the Israelites assembled themselves together, and came to Maspha, over against Jerusalem; for in Maspha was the place where they prayed aforetime in Israel. Then they fasted that day, and p...

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