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Tag: Was Jesus A Black Hebrew Israelite?

The Christ: Armageddon and The Black Messiah – Part 1

The Christ: Armageddon and The Black Messiah – Part 1

The Shemites
There is no bigger threat to white supremacy than the notion that Jesus of Nazareth was a black man. White supremacy can't exist in a world where the savior of all mankind is the same hue as the people they've enslaved, murdered, beat, raped, and oppressed for 400 years. The very thought of bowing and worshiping a black man, Messiah or not, is anathema to Eurocentric Christianity... but how far would they go to keep the world from acknowledging the truth about the greatest event in the history of mankind? A Little Bit of Background There are several things in the Bible that never made sense to me from a basic reading of scripture. The unwillingness of the world to repent and turn to God, even after all of the destruction laid out in the book of Revelation, seems defiant b...

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