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Kum-Ba-Yah: Did Black Slaves Sing Songs In Hebrew?

Kum-Ba-Yah: Did Black Slaves Sing Songs In Hebrew?

The Awakening
Many of us have heard and even sang Kumbaya at some point in our lives, but most people aren't aware of the origin of the song or the meaning of the words. When I was in elementary school, we were told that it meant "come by here", and that's what myself and many others have believed for a long time. Here is a break down of the words in Hebrew. The Meaning of Kumbaya Kum (Qum): Strong's #6965 - Stand up, arise Ba: Doesn't have any meaning alone in Hebrew, but may be an abbreviation for Abba, which means "father" (unconfirmed). Yah: Strong's #3050 - This word is translated as LORD in scripture when referring to the God of Israel. Loosely translated, the lyrics seems to mean "arise father God" and NOT "come by here" as we've been told. This song seems to be a rem...

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