Sunday, August 19Exploring The Black Presence In The Bible

The BHITB Podcast (002) – The 12 Tribes Chart – TEOTW Ministries

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Show Notes

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Today’s guests can be found on YouTube under TEOTW Ministries. Their teaching is rock solid and they are the only ministry that I refer people to other than my own.

Guest Questions
  • Can you give the listeners a little bit of background of how your ministry became focused on awakening our people to who we are?
    • Was the lady attempting to wake people up or posting under a different context? (follow up question)
  • Who created the 12 tribes chart and why has it become so popular among Hebrews?
  • Can any of the other ethnic groups on the chart use scripture to prove they’re Hebrews?
    • Can you give us a couple of examples of prophecies that don’t fit the groups on the chart?
    • Are the camps mixing Mormon doctrine with their doctrine? (follow up question)
    • How do they explain Mexicans as Hebrews?
    • Are there any prophecies that they do fit?
  • Are there any other religious groups that use the 12 tribes chart.

Show Closing

  • If you’d like to be a guest on a future show, check out The BHITB Podcast page and fill out the form. If you’re a good fit for the show I’ll be in touch to set a date and time for you to come on.
  • Send in your questions
  • TEOTW – Next Saturday the 28th TEOTW Ministries will be joining me again. We’ll be discussing Eurocentric Christian Racism and how it has led to the destruction of the black community.

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  • Danny Green

    How can I email you about topics for your show? Like Ron Dalton Jr. Author of the Hebrews to Negroes. A very knowable individual. Iron sharpens iron. Who are The Two Witnesses? I’ve seen a lot of videos on this subject, and I’m still not too sure. The 144,000 is another deep subject matter that a lot of people have wrong.

    • Black History In The Bible

      You can leave a comment on any podcast show page for show topics. I’ll look into him. Several people have asked about the 144,000 so it is on the list of upcoming topics to cover.

      If you have any more topics, just leave a comment.

      Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Tropical

    So my comment got deleted? I guess I won’t be posting anything here in the future then if you don’t want me to. I was only referencing another Hebrew Israelite channel that talked about the 12 tribe chart and that there is more videos coming out regarding the camps and even a video link. So if my recent comment got deleted, either you don’t not want me to post here for some reason, some glitch error deleted it or you don’t like the comment I left for some reason. I won’t be posting anything else here in the future. I tried to post my comment at the blogtalkradio site but I realize you have to have Facebook. I left that platform for a reason.

    • Black History In The Bible

      I don’t promote links to other channels on my website if I don’t know them and their doctrine personally. If you don’t want to post that’s up to you, but I won’t share any info about any other teachers or ministries until I’m familiar with their doctrine.

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