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1900s: Black Slaves Confirmed As Israelites

A huge shout out goes out to TEOTW Ministries for this find. It is the “missing link” that ties together a ton more evidence that points to the FACT that black people in America are the Israelites of the Bible. It’s stuff like this that keep false teaching cowards like Vocab Malone from debating the evidence. The following evidence was published in 1985. This confirms that the belief that black people are Israelites IS NOT NEW… it has been around at least the last 119 years.

UPDATE: Facebook has already blocked me from sharing this post to any FB groups for 24 hours. They don’t want this info being spread because there’s no more denying who we are. Please share and help wake up more of our people.

Black Jews: The Religious Challenge or Politics vs. Religion

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  • My brother Dante, excellent work! I am very proud of you. There is a rising disagreement among new thinking Hebrews, as I count myself as one. Is Yah’s name “Yah” and His Son “Yahushua” and the Holy Spirit “Ruach HaKodesh” as I call them as I have taken Hebrew and Greek in my theology courses. Or is it “Yahuah”, “Ashayah” (I Am) and “Yashayah” His Son? Which is it because many new Hebrews are not on one accord with this? Thank you.

    • God is not bound by human language. People are. He looks at the intents of the heart. He knows if you’re talking to him, but confused about the name. He understands if we are generalizing him to be politically correct. He also understands if we’re calling out to someone else entirely. Don’t get caught up in the semantics.

  • All true. The lightening of God’s brown skinned creations started when the fallen angels took on flesh and mated with human females, Genesis 6. The fallen in flesh were white, as in ALBINOS, not European. This caused a sudden change in the human race, the Black race and subsequent mingling and scattering after teh Tower of Babel incident led to even further changes in humanity. GOD STARES you in the face when you see teh mix of Black with any other race, BLACK DOMINATES, thats God and Nature telling you WHO WAS HERE FIRST.
    – Deacon Michael James

  • Hello Mr. Fortson, I was doing a study on the Inquisition of Spain and Portugal, and wow! I found a lot of interesting information about the Spanish Jews being negro, and shipped as slaves, if they didn’t convert to Roman christianity to Sao Tome Island off the west coast of Africa. Check out book by John Ogilby “America: being the accurate description of the New World” pg 574. The Roman Catholics burned these negroes alive, and tore them from their children, basically the European way of destroying the negro.

    • This is true. During the Spanish Inquisition black Hebrew children were ripped from their mother’s arms and given to white Christians to raise (read: slaves), while teens and those into their early 20’s were shipped to several Spanish and Portuguese colonies that had been established decades earlier on the West African continent.
      This is why the Pope issued 2 Bulls, one in 1452 and the other in 1455 which stated that slaves could only be taken from “below the horn” of Africa, where those black Hebrews had been deposited. You can download this book here:

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  • Did you know that one of the apostles was named Niger, which means "black skin"?
  • Did you know that the apostle Paul was mistaken for an Egyptian?
  • Did you know that the Bible describes Christ's skin color as "burned bronze"?