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1969 – Henry Kissenger: The Igbo Are Wandering Jews

Yesterday I ran across a new piece of evidence that was interesting, but seemed too good to be true. And before I share it, I have to give a shout out to Tavare DeAngelo Hill for fact checking and sharing the link to the source material. You were super quick getting that to me, so thanks for that.

“Biafra (3, 000 sq. miles, 4-6 million). Colonel Ojukwu — 35, British-trained, erstwhile playboy — presides over the popular support and military morale of a people convinced that defeat means extinction. The Ibos are the wandering Jews of West Africa — gifted, aggressive, Westernized; at best envied and resented, but mostly despised by the mass of their neighbors in the Federation. They have fought well (by African standards) against heavy odds; their cynical public relations use of the starvation has been brilliant.” – Henry Kissenger, (Tuesday, January 28, 1969 Memorandum for the president)


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