Friday, July 20Exploring The Black Presence In The Bible

Cush: The Hamite Founder of Sudan

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Sudan In The BibleWhile we don’t know how long after the flood that the grandchildren were born, but we know who they were. Cush is the son of Ham, and grandson of Noah.

“And the sons of Ham; Cush, and Mizraim, and Phut, and Canaan.” – Genesis 10:6

As the sons of Ham began to spread out from “the land of Ham”, it is Cush that settles the area currently known as Sudan. It is here that Cush begins to have sons that will also eventually spread out to other areas.

The Sons of Cush (Genesis 10:7-8)

  1. Seba
  2. Havilah
  3. Sabtah
  4. Raamah
  5. Sabtecha
  6. Nimrod

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  • The first man

    Obviously failed basic physical anthropology and genetics. The ancient Egyptian pharaoh were Caucasian not black

    • Black History In The Bible

      1. If that’s true, why are white preachers teaching that Ham’s descendants were black?

      2. If that’s true, why does the Bible call Egypt “the land of Ham”?

      3. If that’s true why did Egyptians paint themselves as black people and NOT Caucasian?

      You people are so full of lies and self deception that it’s sad and pathetic. We don’t have a single image of a Caucasian Egyptian, and ALL of their depictions were of black people… and yet you people still deceive yourselves into believing in Caucasian Egyptians. Must suck to know you’ve been deceived into believing your something that you’re not.

      Maybe the Caucasian Egyptians were just trying to trick us into thinking they were black. LOL

  • CJ

    The truth is in the Word. Ham has been identified as black or colored; therefore, his brothers must have been black or colored as well. Since all three brothers had the same mother and father, all three shared the same genetic pool and must have had similar characteristics.

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